The next step in the agenda to keep King Obama in place has been played. Don’t let them fool ya #richiefromboston #trump #cruz #coloradoviterfraud




  1. I considered that possibility in the dog and pony. Told my bro no matter what it would be the Crimiarly, but you are probably dead on. Knowingly, there has not been a real election for who knows. You got a good point with 1913. Then came the" in your face" deal with the Diebold computers to count "the votes." As the late George Carlin stated in one of his last shows, which was more like straight-out truth, paraphrasing, "You have no choice, you have the illusion of choice….."

  2. Richie!! I was wondering if u could give me your feedback on this video I'm ab to post.. what are ur feelings on the matter?? odd how the archway is going up right before passover. and its only staying up 3 days and 3 nights. if I'm not mistaken that's how long Jesus left the tomb before returning. anyway- highly interesting stuff going on. this world is so doomed!! no doubt ab that!!

  3. Indeed, I am unsure whether some psyop will come along, making it "OK" for O to declare martial law and not step down, or whether the foreign-owned corporation, THE UNITED STATES, masquerading as "Our" controlmind will put in a new puppet… Could go either way.

  4. Richie,
    I am 100% positive that ovomit will use the 22nd amendment to postpone the election. I have had that feeling since day one!!! everyone says this will never happen but take the blinders off and you can see the stage is being set…

  5. Its an absolute fact that its all rigged, without a shadow of a doubt. A 12 year old girl discovered last year by tracing back make And female genetic family tree, which had never been done before, in conclusion, 43 of the 44 presidents are related, What does that tell everyone?! when you disclose this information to ppl, instead of realizing or rationalizing the fact, they refuse to acknowledge it. Democracy doesn't exist

  6. Agree..all a farce…they create the problem…hanging chads, dimpled chads,
    pregnant chads, electronic voting machines in different precincts reporting
    MINUS 69,000 votes…absentee ballots found in the dipsee dumpster, overseas ballots found floating in the Atlantic Ocean, dead people voting…and the list goes on…the fraud that is voting and democracy was blown sky high for the world to see in 2000 in Florida…
    16 years later and it's the same modus operendi…
    create problem/chaos ensues/ tptb pull out the solution from their back pocket…
    oh geez guys… guess what? king obama is not only presidente of North American Region #1 (formerly known as the USA), but he's also presidente of the UN…a two-fer as Nancy Reagan would say…or was that Hillarious…politics has become like our plasma sky…yuck..

  7. You may be right .I had a thought the other day ,saw the new marvel movie "civil war" thinking its predictive programming that Trump will win because that's what's probably going to happen if he does

  8. You are a smart man Richie. I love your videos, keep 'em comin'!
    I'm from Boston originally, and my dad worked at the GE river works plant. A few years ago I moved to Florida to get away from the cold – after 60 years, I had enough.

    Your videos are like a visit home. Bless you my brother.

  9. I predict a win for Clinton and everybody will just tap the snooze button, but my ultra played out scenario is what you call for, but the $hit is all in the fan at that point.

  10. i think it was obvious at the beginning of his 2nd term. i've been trying to make bets on the 3rd term scenario since. most folks i speak with kno the system is rigged and fucked @ this point. i got no wagers yet…

  11. Richie skies here are sunny.First time in over 2 weeks.They say we are getting 6 days straight of sun.Believe it when i see it.No chemtrails either.Maybe enough people bitched so they stopped for awhile. Live in Ohio by the way.Think your right.Its gonna take a revolution to get things straight but who knows.

  12. yep…… and they say there awake. but still think they can vote in a Corp, they have no shares in, it would be like going to a Walmart share holders meeting and voting but have no shares in the corp.

  13. Wow, that actually makes sense! I've thought for a while Obama would be the last president, wasn't sure how they'd pull it off, this fits right along that puzzle. Thanks for the video, enjoy those Oaklies!

  14. Of course, I don't know about Obama third term, but I do think they are preparing for the currency collapse/civil war/martial law/destruction of America to bring in the NWO. I think we will see an "assassination" of either Trump or Obama

  15. The Presidential bloodline proves that the vote NEVER counted. All of them are related to eachother and to the British royalty. This has been being spread around for years now and everyone seems to ignore it.?

  16. People have been trying to tell the public for years that voting is a joke.
    You are right this is a set up to get people to take to the streets, just like democracy spring is a joke, thank God people are not falling for it. Black lives matter is another joke, they are trying hard to divide people but people are seeing right thru all of this. Of course you will have a few dumb asses fall for it but not enough, the fluoride in the water supply wasn't enough to dumb down the people enough to blindly follow along with the cartels BS.


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