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  1. All Praise and Glory be to the Most High God, Yahweh. And to his son Jesus Christ, who gave his life as a sacrifice that we may through faith have eternal and everlasting life with the Father. Stay prayerful and strong in these last days brothers and sisters. God is faithful to bring us through all things.

  2. The day is coming soon when there will be NO internet, NO cell service and NO t.v . Our only communication will be OUR MOUTHS !!! This will be FACE TO FACE evangelism on a grand scale. For a long time the church has been asleep in the pews with NO POWER , NO ANOINTING going about just like the world, and GRIEVING THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD, with so called SELF ANOINTED , SELF ORDAINED, SELF CALLED, SELF TITLED "TRYING " WANNA BE pastors who are commiting self murder and leaving their wives and children to deal with their decision. The world mocks JESUS CHRIST in us when they observe our life (FRUITS) and see nothing in us that they would desire. We have hidden our lights under distractions of every kind and still call ourselves "Christian ." Most churches today are filled with the "dead" going through the same ritual every day and "think" they are right with GOD. If we deny HIM, HE will deny us. The fear of man brings a curse with it. WE are to fear GOD ABOVE and over ANY one. Pray the the LORD will pour out over our nation and the world the SPIRIT of GODLY REPENTANCE unto SALVATION while there is still time. Study to show YOUrself APPROVED unto GOD and NOT man. You cannot know God apart from the WORD. These are the perilous times spoken by Paul in 1 TIM.4:1-10, 3:1-5, 4:1-5. We MUST be SOBER minded, AWAKE in the spirit and OBEYING THE LORD. Stay in the scriptures, depend on the LORD for EVERYTHING , share your faith with others. They might mock you and cuss you out but remember that it's NOT YOU they are rebelling against it's THE LORD. You are a mirror of CHRIST and that mirror is showing their sins and that's what they are seeing in you…. the RIGHTEOUSNESS of GOD IN YOU. They can't stand it. Walk holy and stay holy because GOD IS HOLY. THANK YOU BROTHER and GOD BLESS YOU .

  3. Where you been brother. I enjoyed your videos and if you've moved on to other activities for God let me say thank you for the info and getting people to focus on God and telling people christ is our savior.


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