“Once Upon a Time in Tombstone” delivers all of the great characters you would expect in a film about Tombstone — The Earp Brothers, The Clanton Brothers, Doc Holliday, Johnny Ringo, etc. — and of course, great gunfights. What the film delivers that other films about Tombstone did not is a multitude of pieces of the puzzle that complete the story, not just about why the gunfight happened but the real history about what led up to it and what followed.
2020. Stars: Paul Clayton, Jerry Chesser, Jezibell Anat
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  1. My son is in the film industry and I have a library of the films he’s worked on and watching this is like watching a student’s term project. The acting is rough the sound is difficult and the choppy camera work could fuse better editing.

  2. I could tell by the opening scene that the filming would be nothing like the area of Tombstone. In fact, the areas supposedly in town were full of trees and tall grass. There are trees in Southern Arizona, but mostly in the Huachuca Mountains and not close to Tombstone at all. We have trees but 99% of them are Mesquite trees. None of the events…none of them, happened like this film shows. No railroad in town until after 1903, Curly Bill was more of a ringleader than Johnny Ringo, Behan is WAAAAY too old, Virgil survived an attempted assassination losing the use of his arm, Morgan was shot while playing pool, Claiborne was shot outside the Oriental Saloon by Buckskin Frank Leslie, Ringo was found dead in Cochise County likely of a suicide nowhere near Colorado, and there is no "Vendetta Ride" at all shown except in Colorado? Where no one from Tombstone was ever killed. It is very likely that Wyatt never visited Holliday in Colorado or even considered it. Unfortunately for the actors, it was the deadest, slow moving, script ever. I will never get this hour and 22 minutes back, and my wife even asked me, "Why the hell are you even continuing to watch it???" Alas she was right…

  3. I couldn't get past the 1st 10 minutes. The acting is horrible, bad dialog, the sound effects & recording are sad & the timing is really bad. Whoever wasted their money to make this film made a bad investment. Sorry!

  4. Having been a western re-enactor for over 30 years, this film was like a load of newbies to the re-enacting putting on their first show. No-one had a clue as to when they were supposed to act out their scenes, and there were a lot of awkward silences! The acting was so wooden, no-one dare light a match!

  5. I liked the movie: it was interesting and entertaining and held my attention. Okay, the acting and directing weren't Hollywood slick, but the scenery, the costumes, the props. and the makeup were great. I liked the plot. I also liked the realty show feeling. This seemed to me to be a first attempt at making a movie. I don't know how historically accurate it was; at least it didn't glorify the gunfighters and what they did. I've stopped watching a lot of Hollywood movies because they were totally boring despite their celebrity actors and spaghetti westerns because they were too gruesome and violent.

  6. Very accurate reconstruction of the events that built america during the old west time, no space for fancy scenes, malinconic, dark, grim, sad, even violent..no character is a hero here but just hard as nails men tryng to survive and at least thrive in a total hostile place, a great malinconic, pic of of the new frontier era that was going to finish to leave space to the modern times


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