Online dating can be a hassle for anyone especially a young lady in Nigeria. This is a brutally honest review of some online dating apps in Nigeria, experiences on and off the apps. We cover apps like Tinder, Bumble and a host of others. I hope you enjoy my review as it is 2022 based.

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  1. Try ok cupid if you haven't but that's only if you're into other races 😉 mostly white, Asian and those type of men there and I hope to have a mixed family so I liked it there. It really depends on what you are really looking for sis

  2. Good video. Watching from Jamaica 🇯🇲
    I'd say tinder is an okay app. Just make it clear what you're looking for in your bio. I have never met or date anyone in person that I came across on there but I did meet nice persons am still good friends with them on the phone.
    the other apps are trash as I try them all and also ok cupid is not so so bad


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