Im still not sure one way or another on any of this, Maybe Im missing the point but it happens. If they indeed were going to stage we wouldnt hear a peep until AFTER.
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  1. The entire electrical grid has needed upgrading for decades; like the rest of our infrastructure. So they can create a false flag, state of chaos before doing it; that's my opinion. The twin towers were condemned buildings and had to come down, and look what happened there, It's all BS. Peace

  2. Godddd damn I'm so fucking scared. I'm ready for this shit as much as I can be, where I'm having difficulty is what to tell my son and should I be preparing him or just be ready to handle shit when I need to?? I cherish every moment with him of course and it's all love.. but should I also be getting him ready? I feel like In a way I should but also I shouldn't . My sons only 7 and he is my main concern of course

  3. wtf…..i didn't ask for an update on my samsung s7….they only did 1 last weak which was useless, changed everything all over the place and exposing security asking me unnecessary info. now it they don't even wait for u to press the update button anymore 😐😐😐

  4. it's obvious what the  place that seems like it would have nothing to do with nothing be for that's where they would set emp off at n let me guess I bet that health care association is located central-ish NJ right it prob the approximate location for it to hit all the placse you said in your previous video that they were targeting to run the drill

  5. I think maybe this Bill O'Reilly thing is a possible cover for him to leave, then I read an article today on Reuters that Jason Chaffetz may not finish his term. I am watching for other big names that might be in the know and see if they are "heading for the hills" so to speak. We have always said when you see the powerful and connected exiting stage right pay attention…

  6. you kno the chemtrailing idiots are doing that for several reasons, I think it's their way of testing their ' ability to electrify, and thereby, hey that rhymes, thereby do all those goofy project bluebeam things, you kno, it's just a bunch of rich assholes having fun with big toys, hey, let's go grab a beer or some vodka…. rock on Richie, luvya bro

  7. you cant figure this out , just stop and think about it,,, it could be the start of the depopulation and marshal law ,,, look up civil unrest , fema camps, guillotine domes, jade helm and walmarts,, the collapse of the dollar,,, we are supposed to have our financial system crash this year some time,,, so RFB research that and you may find some answers,,

  8. Northern Lights is a strain of weed by the way. And in Revelation it mentions the 4 and 20 elders surrounding the throne room of the Most High (douseewhateyec). I smoked from the 7th grade up until Feb.13th of this year, and I am going to be 51 years young on the 27th of this month (leaving 50 behind). I am a journeyman, but still green. They TWIST (like a joint), everything to suit/fit their purpose and mock the TRUTH.


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