You can ask Gidon Ariel, an orthodox Israeli Jew, and Bible Scholar about his insights on topics from the Bible, the Talmud, and the end times!



  1. Gidon can conceive of three words that are distinct yet all mean "forgive" that means the concept of Father, Son and Holy Spirit being one is not beyond his comprehension intellectually! I hope he comes to know God in and through Jesus Christ. Douglas looked pretty uncomfortable at the end after calling some of the Talmud ugly instead of evil (the part about Jesus boiling in excrement is blasphemy and a lie, which is evil). The Good Shepherd's Truth of His death, burial and resurrection, God as man atoning for man's sins may seem uncomfortable or even ugly or offensive, but its Truth, which is good. Praise Jesus Christ, the Truth, the Son of the Most High God!

  2. Scholar Gidon Ariel has such a lovely loving spirit unlike many other rabbis. Toda Raba Doug for introducing him to us. I would like to hear him say that we who are coming into the torah from the House of Yisrael (Yosef/Ephraim) are part of the WHOLE House of Yacob/Yisrael).

  3. I have a question for you for the next time you interview Gidon. You brought up the topic of atonement in this broadcast. Perhaps you could ask him about the atonement from Lev 16:14 (the blood that was sprinkled upon the mercy seat of the ark) and compare that to Isaiah 16:5 (thone of God/mercy seat). Would like to know Gidon's thoughts on these scriptures. Thank you!


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