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  1. I’ve had two of out of the body experiences one time when I was six I saw god from drowning and coming back. I was only able to come back because god let happen and he’s beautiful he looks as all of his pictures people make about him. Another time my mom hypnotized me when I was thirteen. I felt myself floating outside of my body and then I was walking upside down and walking in the same room we were in. I walked all four corners of the room and I saw myself sleeping and then I saw my mom and brother sleeping I was got bored after awhile and then I jumped back into my body and woke up the next morning feeling so rested and good the next morning. That happened to me in the eighties my second out of the body experience. But anyways those were my experiences. Well I’ve got to go to sleep 😴 god bless you in everything you do wane and I love you’re channel keep up the good work you do that’s from beautiful god and you that gods working through you.7/2/2018

  2. Thank you brother in Christ for sharing . And beautiful sister beautiful truth spoken of 2 Corinthians 10:5 kjv and of Hebrews 12:15kjv. Got so much answered on what I was going through this past week of awful dreams that which I brought immediately to our Lord in prayer to help me understand why it was happening to me . Also with my own family. These support chat rooms are a blessing from our Lord for us that seek Him day and night with all our heart, soul,mind and strength and seek sanctification and that we do not loose our salvation and be found worthy of escaping all that is coming on the children of disobedience. For they loved darkness more then The Light. All the Glory and Honor be to God The Father and Lord Jesus Christ forever and ever, amen.


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