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  1. Step 1 Get all your assets into a self-directed IRA Step 2 Invest in land Step 3 Get a Land Patent step 4 Grow your own food, build up food & water storage & store seed. Step 5 Build a sustainable, easily manageable energy system, waste treatment, water filtration, HVAC system with lab grade filters, & green house with the same.
    Step 6 Defend your sovereign property if ever an enemy (foreign or domestic) attempts to invade your land in an overthrow of The Constitution of 1789. Shoot to kill!
    Step 7 Rest, Thrive, Grow, Love, & Rely on The Lord God Almighty- YHVH Yahashavah

  2. So you have a beautiful house and grand-children will all of you lose your souls…repent and believe the gospel of Yehushua (Juses) the Messiah, he died so you would not have to pay for your sins…John 1:11-13

  3. Just noticed the shark on the blackboard and i think there was a news story the other day about sharks swimming near the surface and in waters they are normally not in may have been massatusettes.???

  4. The chemtrails have tio2 nanotubes with dna. The solar revolution is using solar panels that use these nanotubes for energy. The new energy revolution is a nano biotech genocide.

  5. Hi Richie.. I am a new sub and the photo of the little bugs? have you seen the video on those yet? they ARE demons, please let me know and I will show you where to see the video and it's telling comments. God bless you dear for what you do for all of us!

  6. Zika means Akiz! Akiz means EVIL RISE!

    Akiz means SIN, Eternal, Evil, To Rise to a sharp point, and to cause aches and pains.

    Ox (bull) IT (the only) EC (means at and also means OC: forhead, at or beside, the peak)

    Oxitec means "Toxic E" and also "OC Exit" (forehead exit) and also means "Excite O" (O is a specific address or location) ("O" can mean "He" or "that" or "against" and can also mean "reducing to zero or minimize" and also "taken from your control") Perhaps this is targeting the B and or the O blood type).

    The O blood type that usually is able to avoid most cancers and diseases while type A is most susceptible, type AB somewhat, type B even less, and type O the least susceptible with the stronger mitochondria able to remove most toxins and prevent fungi cancers, the mark of the beast.

    The beast is rising and targeting the brain (forehead) for damage and cancer and a direct attack on the human brain and body courtesy of the World Health Foundation (WHO) and the Gates Foundation to place the mark upon the forehead and subjugate those who survive to the will of the beast, and they will forever need help from (seek as god) those who represent the serpent on the pole to cope with the severe auto-immune diseases, autism spectrum disorders, brain damage, and cancers that come forth from this attack.

  7. Microcephaly has ZERO to do with mosquitoes and everything to do with toxic chemicals. Everyone needs to subscribe (it's free) to Jon Rappoport's newsletter.

  8. The FDA would never allow the government to spray something that would hurt the people… and if there was something wrong with this operation, the MSM would tell the people.

    Right? 🙂


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