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  1. Your faith in God is everything. Oops I lost my Bible, can't go to church and can't fellowship with like minded people. Through the great Tribulation even unto death the King is with me

  2. The ACTUAL PRESENCE of Jesus is the seed of God's love in you through the new birth. As HIS PRESENCE grows in our spirit, our love grows, displacing fear. At HIS MATURITY in you, perfect love has CAST YOU OUT and FEAR with you. This is the true REPLACEMENT theology, Jesus replaces "you and your fear" with "himself and his perfect love".

  3. What I fear most, is my love for God, and my flesh stumbling to sin. I hate sin. I rather be with my Father , then fall to a sin. Keep the faith saints. All about Jesus. Let me be clear, I do not want to not sin in order to be saved. I don't want to sin because I am saved. I know I am forgiven, for He is risen.

  4. Jesus had perfect love and perfect obedience to the Father, He said everything the Father asked Him to say, and did everything the Father asked Him to do perfectly that is why He is our Saviour because He was able to fulfill all of the requirements of the Law perfectly.

  5. Im with you brother!! Just going to miss things like building planes and flying them, Building furniture and other things. I just hope i can do that sort of stuff in heaven!


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