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  1. God is faithful and true! Fear not Richie from Boston! Remember Daniel in the Lions den! What happened? Remember Shadrack, Meshask, and Abendego! What happened to them? Remember God is faithful and true!

  2. Be anxious for nothing, but by prayer and petition with Thanksgiving let your requests be made to God! And the peace of God which surpasses all understanding…Forgive us of our fears!!!

  3. Alex Jones 2= Richie from Boston. I’m scared! Shaking in my boots! God is. Lord, let these people fall into their own traps! Lord, we trust in You!!!

  4. Look at the panoramic view. Not an devil filled s_umbag satanic terrorist in sight!!! Why is that so, some might ask? Because they're too busy hiding behind armed guards to be able to lie and terrorize from the t.v. and internet screens.

  5. Correct me if I'm wrong… the tribulation begins with the antichrist… and he goes forth immediately conquering and to conquer… deceiving the while world… yet he isnt here yet so….

  6. i remember subscribing the first time i heard you say "subscribe or don't" at the end of a video, it was refreshing. Now, you ending a video by helping us in how to pray…that is brilliant. So grateful to our Father for your obedience, bold love and news channel. Prayers for you in Jesus' name.

  7. Yes this was planned. And they know that many are awake and won't wear a mask. But they are using that to inflate the numbers and say, we told you so. So in the end they win and they will shut down everything. My advice is wear the stupid mask and these cases may go down. I know if there young people that already died from this. I often wonder if they were killed by the drugs they are given. Who knows. Anything is possible these days.

  8. Beautiful prayer Richie. The world desperately needs more Spiritual Warriors like you. I can see this too, and remember the official or "authorised" history of "Christianity" (I say that because for 300 years there was a multiplicity of "Christianities" – as soon as one particular form was adopted by a fascistic, militarist dictatorship – it was the beginning of a Great Deception which many can't wake up to. Every Christian ought read what's categorised as 'pseudepigrapha' – "Early Christian Writings" , especially:
    The Epistles of St Ignatius of Antioch
    Letters of St Polycarp of Smyrna
    of St Clement of Rome
    St Clement of Alexandria
    and The Didache (literally, "The Teaching", also referred to as "The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles", which most Western Christians aren't even aware exists)
    The Didache describes the early Church order or 'hierarchy'.
    Each church was led by an "Overseer" or "Episkopos" (poorly translated as a 'bishop', and its ministers or pastors were Deacons to look over the men, and Deaconess for the womenfolk.
    These – Apostles and the Diaconate are the ONLY roles instituted by Christ Jesus, Yeshuwah Al Masheer. Every Believer is a priest – a "Royal Priesthood" – the "Presbyter" or 'Keeper of the Purse' (who looked after the pooled monies of the church and used to look after the Widows and Orphans usurped the Diaconate and became 'the priests'.
    The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles describes how the man to lead the Church ought be above reproach, of a high moral character – that he be a married man of 60 years of age and above, that "The Lord's Prayer" be said three (3) times a day, and so much more.
    The Didache comprises the wisdom of the 12 Disciples and everything shared with them by Christ Himself – that and the other 'Letters' or Epistles mentioned contain the "Kerygma" or Word shared by Jesus amongst The Twelve, on how to live and pray, a "how-to" manual for organising and running a church group, and full of daily guidance and pragmatic wisdom. Of course 'the Impostor church' not only ignored it, it actively suppressed it. Basically, it has survived through 'the Orthodoxy' of the eastern churches – and even there, amongst those that are not recognised by those 'Orthodox Churches' headed by the Greek Church, including the Russian, the Church from which Rome split to create 'Catholicism'.
    All of these early Church Writers were Bishops or Overseers and Apostles who became Martyrs.
    Nowadays I don't think that The Church needs more martyrs. Instead I think of Christ's Teaching that "if you have a cloak, sell it to buy a sword".
    Unfortunately, we're going to have to be more than just Spiritual Warriors, there will be battles of the flesh and world in these 'End-Times'. In the meantime, we must not hide ("under a bushel") but stand up, be counted but most importantly, heard.
    My support and God's Blessings, Strength and Grace be with you, always.
    We all must pray hard for Discernment and Strength, and "put on the full armour of God".🙏

  9. Watched many of Richie's videos very informative and from other comments that I've read many are aware of the reality we face…the 2nd lockdown will be permanent: source Israeli News…the 2nd wave is half bio and half robotic of the 3 tests given for covid once your tested you can't get rid of it: source Dave Hodges and Celeste Solum…StoptheCrime.net has videos and a YouTube with plenty of topics to listen too…wish you all the best…Protect your Family…God Bless

  10. im in the uk and i cant say i know anybody actually ill from it ,never mind die from it. rumours of people who had it but ended up being fine. that's about it. the only people i see are people on the tv.. i have also asked other people and they say they dont know anybody either. a lot of people here are seeing through it. smelling a rat….

  11. im from torrington ct you wonna talk about ppl asleep come on down here i just when to s&s with a friend wensday the store had the back doors shut and would not open so the only two doors are the two front doors so we walked in and guess what a guy was passing out masks lol so i did take one wore it for bout 15 steps out of his sight then took it off and you know whats really fucked up some of the employess were wear the pentagram shirt wtf big mounth me walks throw the store saying this ppl dont ask abot the devil shirts but weres my mask unbeliveable i try to tell and say what ppl should know as far as this bullshit virus no one belives me but one friend


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