Official music video for Pantera – “Cowboys From Hell” from ‘Cowboys from Hell’ (1990)
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The Pantera channel is the official YouTube home of one of heavy metal’s most influential bands. Pantera debuted their signature sound with ‘Cowboys From Hell’ and invigorated the metal scene with raucous hits “Walk,” “Cemetery Gates,” “5 Minutes Alone,” among many others. With the 1990 release of their album ‘Cowboys From Hell,’ Pantera created “power groove” and made them the heroes to headbangers everywhere. Their following album ‘Vulgar Display of Power’ was certified double platinum and widely acknowledged as one of metal’s most enduring masterworks. For the next decade, Philip Anselmo, “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott, Vinnie Paul, and Rex Brown continued to ascend to the top of the music world with gold and platinum album and home video releases and sold out arena tours. Subscribe to the Pantera channel and ring the bill to be the first to hear about news and announcements.



  1. Sickest guitar player that ever lived.
    They singlehandedly reinvented the entire dynamic of what it means to be heavy.
    Thanks for everything boyz!
    Much-love, respect and gratitude!
    Three Hornz High!!! 🤘🤘🤘

  2. Autistic Drake said, "I didn't know my little Daddy when he was yoinger. He is the one that asked Phil Anzelmo what boyband he was in? They were in Phil's bar in Texas. Your Dad, little Drake made Phil laugh so hard. We played our entire playlist of next tour, Vulgar Display of Power for your Dad at Rick's Bar. Your little Daddy left his mark on us. Phil loved him, they got along perfectly. I am Dimebag Darrell. I played Guitar for Pantera and that night. We had fun. It was our 1st time too play those spngs on stage and for your little Dad was cool. He was in Navy, then. Hi Little Drake Gabriel.

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