Hey Y’all Hey! This is Part 1 of my conversation with my guy friend, Jay, where we discussed his dating experiences as a single, Christian male.

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  1. How do I get to be any girl's boyfriend legally? I think dating sites like Match.com et cetera should require government-mandated background checks in order for each member to be eligible to date online and even in person. Yes, I AM a 50-year-old Christian single male, but the odds of me finding a girlfriend are at LESS than .000001% Yes, the decimals in the percentage say it all. I'm a very realistic bachelor. I don't say that such and such female celebrity is my girlfriend when she really isn't. All the people who pray for me wish that I don't get to be any female's boyfriend. I live in a nice apartment complex in my city ALONE and I don't even look for women who live in my apartment complex. ALL of the single women who live in my complex have boyfriends and/or children. I'm NOT a dad and NEVER want to be a dad. I don't even buy romantic greeting cards to women. They get offended by that and by compliments too

  2. Woah a guy wanting communication skills? 🥰 the other day I was in a coffee shop and some Christian men were talking about their emotions in such an open and healthy way. Christian men are so different 💕

  3. Adam never prayed for Eve and Eve never prayed for Adam. Adam was so focused on God , his purpose that God himself decided to say OHHHHH MY DUDE, this ain’t good man! See? GOD himself said he’ll bring him someone. He didn’t even know how it was going to happen, he woke up one day and boom , A queen was in front of him. Get lost in Gods presence. And he’ll do the search for you and then PRESENT your spouse before you. I just had to get that in my head in order to focus on what’s important to God first. He’ll provide for you in areas you don’t even know you need assistance with. Loved this video! 🤗🙏🏽🤍

  4. LaLa Thank you so much for doing this. Hearing a sober, Godly man's perspective is super encouraging. You both asked such gooood questions and shared so honestly. This was super helpful. Giirrrlll! Please thank Jay Jay for us. Also, if possible, could you ask him if the friend he mentioned who got married at 40, first marriage, no kids before … if he would be willing and able to have a similar conversation. That's if it's something you would all be comfortable with and interested in.

  5. Tend to your garden and he will send him Sis! Get busy in the Kingdom Matthew 6:33 and the Lord will RELEASE him. 💕God wants to give you Kingdom! Because he will be Kingdom to help you grow into the Woman the Lord is grooming you to be! Keep holding on and putting out what the Lord is telling you too. 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽


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