THE COLOUR ACCOUNT & THE OPEN DOOR! PART 3 Zerubbabel & Joshua #DreamVision

In all of the accounts in the Hebrew Bible that mention Zerubbabel, he is always associated with the high priest who returned with him, Joshua (Jeshua) son of Jozadak (Jehozadak). Together, these two men led the first wave of Jewishreturnees from exile and began to rebuild the Temple.

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  1. My name is Joshua Donnell Robinson it's means it's my world do not lose sight my father name is Washington Lee Robinson or know as Jehozadak he a dark Messiah he was exile out of the promise land we look just alike I am just a brighter copper tone then him he died at 44 I see it all the time his birthday is on February 22 the day as Geogre Washington or they celebrate that day why because of my father not the pale skin my father is a founding father of the free Mason he may have been the one to start it his self I have to choose this ruling this society and making it new or go home to the promise land and I have to make this choice quick time is running out how do I know this last year a rapper name Kendrick Lamar album came out on my birthday April 14 on his song DNA he says he wakes up as Joshua new weapon talking about the 144 and on his song Yah he says he knows I walk the earth if you ever meet me you'll know I am not lieing I live in Polk county Florida lake Hamilton we call city do Ham my father the dark Messiah I am just a Messiah high priest 2019 is when the big shit hits the fan and hits ever in the face and they going to smell it and it's going to be a very bad smell and all roads lead to enter earth if you go to the north or south pole and yes we live on mostly a flat surface just we have mountains and cracks in the road but it's flat we not floating threw space I see the same stars ever night if it ain't cloudy and the earth I am on don't spin how in the bible it says Joshua chapter 10 starting around verse 12 when Yah made the son sit still for Joshua and the rest of the warriors to do what they had to do wouldn't affect the other plants and why not just make the earth sit still if maybe because it's around is we are not moving the sun above or head is the moon and the stars all rotate over us


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