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We define atheism as the lack of belief in gods. This definition also encompasses what most people call agnosticism.

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  1. I agree with the caller. If you believe in hell you shouldnt have kids. That may end the Atheist Experience early, but it would also improve a great deal of society.

  2. I’m an anti-natalist. It seems like common sense to me. You could argue against it by saying kids you have may cure cancer or AIDS or do something else great. Or say it will be harder for people to achieve things they want to achieve such as finding a romantic partner if people stop having kids. But that’s stuff that almost certainly won’t last more than a few decades after nobody had kids anymore. If people continued to have kids, suffering from human existence and the descendants of humans could go on for millions of years.

  3. having kids is not rational, you are bringing someone to a world where he or she will suffer and die.
    if all women had two kids who & their descendants did the same in 25 generations the world population should be trillions of trillions

  4. Most people did not suffer enough for anti-natalism to be a valid argument otherwise people would commit suicide more often? What about the fact that your brain is wired to fear death and many people still kill themselves

  5. Love this episode. Fear is very primal, very well-understood today versus those religious-book-creating Age.
    I feel sorrow for those unfortunate ones raised in religion. I shame those having access to reality and still trapped in religion and boast its supremacy.
    If you care about humanity, you try to find out reality like this guy. Thank you both sincere callers and people who made this show happen.

  6. This person is so terrified that he measure each word he says. Probably in his mind, a lightning will strike him at any second and this fear is having a heavy impact in his life. This is what religion is at its core. Most religious people are just as terrified as him but will never admit that, disguising it as anything except for what it is: pure terror.

  7. Does this caller believe in the Bible? If he does he should go to the world and reproduce as he was commanded by his manmade god. How do people reading the same book come to different conclusions? Is this just biological playing all the odds strategy?

  8. I don't believe that it's currently moral to have children, but that has nothing to do with god. It has more to do with:
    * The massive environmental impact of humans and the need to reduce that impact
    * The presence of hundreds of thousands of children without parents who already need them. Creating a new human life before caring for those children seems immoral to me.

  9. I think nobody needs to be a therapist to see that this poor man has a trauma with hell. Another evidence that teaching religion to kids is child abuse. I hope he gets help, regardless of if he keeps believing or not in god.

  10. This call breaks my heart. This abuse is one more reason why I see Christianity as the toxic cesspool that it is. Christian, let this fucked up religion go. There is no reason to believe this crap. I wasted 19 years of my life as a Christian. It's not worth another second of your time. Let it go, lose the fear and live your life. Like you, I am not going to have a family. I don't want children, I wouldn't want to alter my life to give them what they need, therefore it is better not to have them, furthermore, our population is what pushing 8 billion now. I could be wrong about that number, but overpopulation is a problem. These are real issues. I don't believe hell is real.

  11. These comments are disgusting ad hominems against a stranger that none of you have ever met. Very 'bless your heart' attitude to try to dehumanize him in order to discard what he has to say. For shame!
    If you truly believed in a hell, it would be EXTREMELY logical and compassionate not to birth children. That has always been one of my major critiques of Christianity. You would have to be a sadist to create a consciousness that has a high probability (or frankly any probability at all) of being tortured forever. Creating a new consciousness would be a COMPLETELY SELF-SERVING ACT if hell existed.

  12. I really like Christian from Denmark. He's very smart and is making excellent arguments.
    Unfortunately, Matt had shelved a conversation with an antinatalist that he had previously recorded. I don't think he's being very open and honest when it comes to this topic.
    Even if he disagrees with the conclusion of antinatalism, I would have thought that Matt wouldn't have chosen to shut down debate and conversation. Shutting down conversation is a typical weak, theistic tactic. It really doesn't look good on someone that claims to be a skeptic and free thinker.

  13. Hi, everyone! I'm Kristian, the caller. I want to thank you all for your nice words and comments. The reason for the trembling in my voice is that I was quite nervous. I got mental issues, I was speaking in another language, I knew it was live, and many people were listening. And it is a subject that is very important to me. Some of you suggested that I seek therapy. I did and I'm really trying to make everything better. And for those of you who think I'm a prank caller, I can honestly say that I am NOT. I've had these fears of the Hell and the afterlife for many years and I do what I can to overcome them. Anyway, thanks again, all of you for your comments. If you want to ask me questions feel free to do so. But I can't promise I'll answer immediately. I work a lot and don't spend that much time on youtube. Peace!

  14. They way this guy was huffing and puffing on air and so frightened and unsure of himself…he has been lead astray by someone and was so struck in fear, that he was unable to communicate effectively. Hate to see it.


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