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  1. Dana Coverstone had 3 other videos you should take a look at. 1 October dream 2 November dream 3 Dec/Jan dream. He had these dreams around August of last year and may called him a false prophet because they haven't come true YET. I believe it's gonna happen THIS YEAR. He said shipping would come to a stand still in Dec and there will be power outages. In Nov the Democratic Party is gonna get Blown up(I think it will be revealed that the last election was a CIA black op planned well in advance). I think the grid will be hacked and their will be power outages all over the US this winter. His latest dream says they will declare martial law and gas stations will be ordered to close. These dreams were so controversial they are no longer on his channel(but you can find them on youtube). BRACE YOURSELF


    Note who the video poster is.

    So now, anyone can run through all Coverstone's teeshirt images and note something about his uploads. Youll see hints of masonic imaging. Anyone thats studied signs and symbols of freemasonry will know the 'horn altar' too. Also you'll see most of his videos appear in reverse. The average person doesn't do that. Now I'm sure someone will say "ohhh..thats just a camera setting..he probably doesn't know.
    There's few people that just dont do that..and 100% fact : If your kids saw you doing vids after going viral…its guaranteed theyll say "Dad your video is in reverse!'

    So we come to the 'as above so below' inversion nature of Luciferian activity. Its a major tenet to do things in your face, and pretend you're just imagining things. Anyone thats studied satanic principles will know these common aspects. Nothing is 'accidental'.

    Another common trick of infiltration is to suddenly say "Im an ex freemason"
    "I was a satanist'.." I was a black magician'..and all suddenly found Jesus! Suddenly. .they're 'saved'..yet they become mainline voices of fakeries. These are really all common "American marketing" tricks.
    The ones really following Jesus are probably out ministering really. You may never hear their names.

    Why would Coverstone specifically be asked to bury a mason in Brazil? Surely there was a pastor in Brazil?
    Listen to this video carefully.
    You might rethink Coverstone's 'source'. People get upset when told he heard only from SATAN.

  3. Sayyyy😊
    I just saw Coverstone is creating an LLC. .lawyering up..getting PayPal. .Needing YouTube equipment etc.
    So the logical question is "Why does he need all these things if USA is going to be totally destroyed in Nov/Dec?"

    Now he needs security. .everything is under threat. He needs Branding..Copyright..His family is being threatened!

    See..the reason is..He KNOWS USA wont be destroyed..or he'd be fleeing to a hut in Africa, instead of saying people in Africa probably made fake accounts and are selling his dvds!..

    Think about it..The God of Creation tells you your country will be destroyed !..What's it you do Jonah?..because you just HAVE TO be obedient and warn everyone?

    Wouldn't you be happy the message of the God of Creation is flying allover?
    His concern isn't that..its who's profiting..and nobody does "branding" etc unless you want.. $$.

    Why would any of  that bother you if you really were really just 'delivering God's Word to America' ?

    Let's be clear:
    The LLC provides protection to the LLC owners by limiting the owner's personal liability. Generally, this means that BUSINESS  debts owed by the business, and other claims on the BUSINESS, including liens and lawsuits, are limited to the assets of the BUSINESS itself.

    I just heard 3 big B's audibly banging..loud in my ear.. ..I wonder if that's the Holy Spirit ?…I feel compelled to tell people!
    " And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their DAMNATION slumbereth not."

    Boy. .How over a million are STILL gobbling this guy up is amazing to see😊
    Nothin' like the horse's mouth..but some still will not understand.


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