Beautiful version of “Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen” by Pastor T.L. Barrett & the Youth For Christ Choir.
I don’t own the copyright.



  1. I love this song. I'm amazed that I've never heard it before. At the beginning of the COVID19 shut down, I was binge-watching some TV shows that I downloaded. I started with "Hunters", then "Black Lightning", foloowed by "Watchmen". This song was in all three shows. Imagine my amazement. In my heart, this is the Juneteenth Anthem.

  2. The true place for my people and all people; worshiping God. Prodigal sons and daughters, don't you know there is a home waiting for you, and your Father is waiting. Nobody knows the trouble you have seen, but God knows and understands.

  3. I am here Because I recently lost my father. I have over 300 records from the 1960's. Jimi, Door's, Floyd, Hooker, Santana and many more. I am British. Nonetheless My dad's record collection is amazing. So I happen to be white. Don't judge me on the colour of my skin. Judge me on the quality of my personality. X

  4. That Choir! Wow. The rest of it is all great as well. Not sure about the comments about the white man at the end though. It's not been easy in life for most white people either over the centuries. Look at what they endured under feudal lords etc, it took civil wars and sacrifice of many to free us from that terribly hard bondage to a "lord". And the conscription into armies in world war one etc were not nice at all. It's not been all privilege for whites.


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