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  1. Much respect Sir. Was waiting for the knowing to be taught. However you still fail to recognize mother and father. The Lord father. Ye has one just as I have one. Mines my grandfather. Also were the story of the great deception? We are in it now.

  2. Being partially deaf I rely on the translations written at the bottom of the screen if I don't quite catch what is said. My criticism is if you are going to have a translator, either have a ASL person translating beside you or have someone type the words better. Often times I have to rewind the videos online (I live out of state) to make sure of what I heard, pause the video while I read the scripture or both. This is distracting when I am trying hear what is being preached that I might confirm the words said with God's word.

  3. Pray my hubby becomes believer and his family because, he would make are family go for it… I’m asking lord help him know you
    Thank you 🙏 Jesus abba xox Jesus name amen all will know you intimately

  4. I cannot believe how people are so mesmerized by this guys bad teaching. – by his style. Total lack of discernment. The reason its hard to catch error is because little bit of error is mixed behind truth.

    His cash cow was a run in encounter with the then governor Bush, where he complimented him and mentioned he should run for presidency. So what, lots of people pay lots of similar complements. But Perry knowing Bush family history in politics, cashes this complimemt as a 'prophesy.'

    Perry makes the wierd claim that at three in the mornings, he recieves special revelations- not ninlical!

    He's a very good speaker and has worked hard to build an empire. He's worked hard FOR THE MONEY. ITS ALL MONEY!

  5. This is a old message. Bro. Perry is actually taking a rest right now because he has worked so long..preaching 4 nights a week… studying and writing books with basically no rest for years. He is taking a break right now to get refreshed.

  6. 3 hrs. and 4 years and 37 days, stats they flex and grow. wave technology warp and wolf old school, latest tech old hat in this very hour. heal sonny. He just smiled and said good luck. Yeshua rules. need hear no more, on and rolling or of in running, Yeshua bless, really, bye


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