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  1. Perry , You are lying about seeing an oil rig exploding. I remember that. You said there was going to be a storm of some sort . You better repent for that!! You went on to say that you saw brown tornadoes. but you where not sure what it meant…….Tell the truth

  2. My GOD says turn away from this False Prophet. Nice subliminal message, "MAN OF GOD". Barely visible in grey always in front of this phoney. Got enough ads in a 30 min "Sermon"? You talk so much, ugh. Teach something. MAN OF GOD. LOL.

  3. Sorry the state of churches pastors and priest. You speak in tongues yet no one interprets. Selling the word is nothing for wolves in sheep's clothing. Picking and choosing a single verse to make an opinion true is another reason so many do not have any Spiritual Gifts unless someone is keeping them hidden. Of or In the world choose to separate and flee evil. Water baptism upon accepting Christ and then CLAIM what God has wanted for ALL. Love
    Man pleases and wolves are deceiving many thus the blind deaf and dumb.
    Seek the kingdom of God and you will receive.
    Faith Hope Love
    Never grieve the Holy Spirit

  4. Amen I am free from alcohol Hallelujah praise be to God. It had been a generational curse in our lives for years amen and believe it or not I've always believed gambling was a sin . God is so good God bless you

  5. When was this actually recorded?…. I've never heard this dream or teaching before 2:30pm today 6/11/20…. and I had a dream recently (before the rioting and protest)that was almost identical to the one he's telling…. but at the end of mine, there were doors that were shut and no one else could come in…. it was the end.

  6. Hi, Perry! My name is Sandra Stapleton and my husband and I are Senior Pastors of a Congregation in Lancaster, California. I had two back-to-back dreams night before last. First one: my cousin and I were walking down a street on the sidewalk at night after attending a concert. As we approached a T in the road, we looked up and the Heavens were wide open. What we saw before us was something I could've never imagined. I saw four ABSOLUTELY HUGE, MUSCULAR HORSES, each horse was over 200 feet tall. The were each very eloquently adorned. One horse was white, one rusty red, one pitch black and one grayish greenish and some beige. The horses were expecting to be loosed, they all were "antsy" as if they knew they were about to takeoff running at their fastest speed possible. You know how sometimes you approach a horse and they're all but asleep? These horses were ready for something they have been waiting for. That was the end of the first dream.

    Then I immediately went into the second dream. My husband and I were walking on a white concrete walkway on our way to see these horses as we knew they were going to appear in the open Heavens. We had to park our vehicle several miles away because so many people were also on their way to witness this. As we walked, I saw members of my family that I don't see very often and lots and lots of friends. As we gathered, the Heavens opened up and there were the horses again. They were still in the same attitude as before and were full of anticipation. They were so tremendously huge.
    End of second dream.

    I believe that the Lord is telling me that the next things to come will be the four horses. I pray that our Lord has prepared us for this and that we will be carriers of His Glory so all the world will see and know He is the Only One God, He's the Most Powerful One in the Universe, and He's working through His set apart people to do His work in these days!

  7. Read your Bible Christ tells you what people who brag all the time are and also he tells there will be those who make all the claims he makes, but when they stand before him he will tell them that He/God does not know them; because like with Perry they have done what they have done for their sake not His/God's.

  8. The Lord keeps me in the loop to like that. People talk about"the church" but I pay attention to THE BODY, the body of Christ that stays connected to the HEAD ,Jesus.
    And they are scattered and divers in race and everything else.


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