Perry Stone teaching on visions and dreams part 2 of 2



  1. I thank God Almighty for you man of God PERRY STONE and all the Revelation plus DREAMS /VISIONS and the UNDERSTANDING FROM THE SPIRIT. ( how to interpret Dreams and visions and all the 50 spiritually thing I Really need to know. And not alowing these so called want to be empty /wrong leaders lay hands on me nor my family amen Holyspirit Jeshua is always correct God Almighty know s allthing now and to come last days thank you Jeshua- Jesus thank you lord the book and the DVD is urgent that I get them and any other that will help me in this time we living in i in courage you pray; interceded get perry stone book and dream and vision I welcome you Holyspirit 3 in one kings kingship amen

  2. I keep thinking about this dream I had 2 weeks ago and still do not understand its meaning. I was about to go to sleep and switch the bedside light off, my son, who is in real 36 years, was around 12/14 in my dream and sitting legs crossed at the other end of the 10 foot wide at least, bed. This was in a huge warehouse, but it was our home. The warehouse was dark and the very end of it was an open massive door where dusk could be seen. Jesus walked towards me and put his hands on mine and his hands went right through my hands. He did not say much, only "I will put 9 on my door, or on the door, or on a door (I can't remember if it is on the, or on my), eternally. I said "What is number 9"? He replied "It is the month you were born". I woke up wondering what was the meaning of this black and white dream. By the way, Jesus did not look like we represent Him with long hair, he had short dark hair, and a thin beard from his ears to the chin. He was not particularly good looking, but had an average middle east man look.

  3. Today in my dream I did saw a rats with a single red horn on their back–somehow I did knew ,that they do represents people on YT .Than I did saw terrible darkness coming over our planet–and some huge -very black in colour "could be a sun or a moon "-coming so close to the earth – that I could see details,People in fear start running – I was not scare at all -instead I did scream "Now people will believe ,that God is real "After that I did wake up —Peace


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