Theologian Paul Begley of Indiana “reads the dream” of Perry Stone! It explains the “Death Of Osama Bin Laden” 7 days in advanced. Bible Prophecy is being revealed to the Lord’s prophects in these last days!! Spiritual gifts…..



  1. bump … @ frank wright … what does Paul Begley start saying around 1:44 … yes, Perry Stone publicly anounced this dream 7 days before the actual event transpired.ย  Come on now !

  2. It has already been proved.I mean why would seals be in pakistan,if they were not gonna kill osama or capture him.Is that a hoax or what about the helicopter crash which was valuable to the u.s..What about the guy who heard the helicopters and tweeted about it saying "I hope nothing bad is about to happen".It is wrong to unfairly criticize Obama for something he did not do."Used a tool to gain support for Obama "that sounds like you dislike Obama for some reason.

  3. A Very good video" Just some thoughts from me.
    In Act's 9:7 it say's they heard a voice, but seeing no man, but in the other verse Acts 22:9 It said they seen the light but heard not a voice that spoke to Saul.. So now we're between a wall of which is it? I'd say we don't know either way because the writer got his words mixed up..

  4. @swbjamz Because it is leading us into the end times, everything is lining up like the scriptures said they would. In a way its like the LORD takes the blame for these leaders, but what I think is its simply foreknowledge, GOD does not view time like we do its all laid out in front of him, all of time! The LORD is showing us he is LORD because he can tell us what will happen before it happens.

  5. God showed me 911 a week before it happened. I have had several
    rapture dreams. The Lord showed me that peace in the millde east will come
    in September as Benny gives up land for peace. He has no choice because
    they will declare a palasteinina state and Israel borders will be unsafe

  6. @swbjamz you know i know about the new world order and i ask myself that same question. But God puts those people for a reason. He can use a righteous and an evil man. All thing work through christ so that mean he never said good things work for him. he said all things which mean good and bad.

  7. Perry also had a vision about flooding I believe it wad in march. He said we needed to save the food. I wonder if this is about the flooding were seeing now, with all the farm lands being flooded on purpose.

  8. @enlightenment2u I am so sorry but the bible does say that we "are the children of Abraham" by faith! That makes Perry Stone , and me and any other christian a jew as well, by the salvation and the spirit of the Lord!!


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