Thanks so much, everyone for all your support: this is my first rap single. I’ve been waiting to release something like this for a long time, it’s just never worked out as well as it did this time. I wrote, recorded, edited, and posted this in one week using only a few hours. It went very well. This video will not be monetized because I didn’t buy the rights to the MTC Beatz track I used, this is just me trying to grab a little publicity before I do something bigger and maybe make some money. As you all can see, I’ve chosen my rapper name, DaHeaz. Finally, I want to thank everyone for being so supportive, MTC Beatz for your awesome beats available for anyone to buy or use, and above all I thank God for giving me the gift of rhyming and making this go so smoothly. His Glory Alone! ALSO: I’m now on SoundCloud so you can listen for free without ads. I might also post Sus Bus on SC, so stay tuned! Here’s the link:




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