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  1. God Bless you Pastor! I'm sure reading this book about the accounts of what happened to those ppl, and being there in the town where it all happened, has got to touch you heart, all your feelings and emotions has to bring you to your knees and pray! Thank you Jesus for always being here for us all and hearing our heart and cries! I love you so much my Lord, with all that I am…Pastor Paul, I love you as Jesus does! I know you could feel the pain in their hearts still, even tho it was a long long time ago just reading the book! 📓 💘 🙏❤😢💪🙏💪❤☺

  2. Good video Paul . This is all the proof some mudflooders would need to confirm ; certain individuals have had technology for centuries . but seriously , some thought it had something to do with a comet that was passing that year . Sad anyway you look at it .

  3. Pastor–This was a great history lesson. I just can't imagine fire all around them and as they stood in the water the tops of their heads were burning. Makes me afraid for what we might have to face.

  4. The Eucharist is one of many Catholic idols. The Catholic Church is wholly given to idolatry.
    The 🍞 is to remind us of how Jesus' body was broken for our healing; and the 🍷 is for us to remember his blood shed for the forgiveness of our sins. So we can be healed and forgiven. That is rightly discerning the body of Christ. Amen.

  5. I heard how Churchs got the practice of alter calls every time at the end of church service was the Chicago fire. D L Moody didn't have a alter call the day before the fire. Alot of people died who were at that service. He made a vow to God he would never again fail to have a alter call after his services again.

  6. I called and spoke with Gregg Abbott of TEXAS. I just alerted him about the Mosquitos spreading the virus and that this data is about to get allot of attention.
    There are swarms of Mosquitoes around all of the testing facilities. This means everyone is getting bit and it is being spread faster everywhere under every possible scenario, walking, biking, swiming, opening windows and I mean every possible scenario.

    We will see where this goes.


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