I would guess this was a ploy, in case anyone pulled this out to show PG&E knew the fire was coming.
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  1. This is what it ssys…

    Account Temporary On Hold

    This account is temporary On Hold. Please check your billing for outstanding invoices and the Report Center for any unaddressed Resource usage Incident Reports.

    Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
    – Philip K. Dick

  2. Remember PG & E was the company that was in the movie Erin Brocovich, the company responsible for poisoning the water supply?

    CA wildfires? Hmm how did they know this ahead of time?
    Funny how it all lines up with those 2050 plans now isn't it?
    All the while they continue with their PLANNED psychological assault on the people to further their agenda which is to disarm everyone – look up red flag laws

    https://www.fema.gov/media-library-data/20130726-1914-25045-8890/hseep_apr13_.pdfpsychological assault
    And low and behold the Rockefeller Foundation to the rescue to help humanity again
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  3. RichiefromBoston
    Since you have an active channel….I was thinking you can maybe share the information:
    Channel Name: Warrior of God.
    Subject; Our Southern
    Border is about to be invaded, For real…
    The gentleman describes why the immigrants are coming, with Russia close behind them

  4. i got a letter n mail from southern Star gas ..lines…
    warning even person's with no gas services too lookout for the dangers on personal private propertys to be aware of old delipdaited gas lines… 3pages of innuendo an plauseable deniability… an fridge.. magnet! oojo ho oo…

  5. Dude are you hi i dont subscribe to junkies im out your so far left by the way trump is a nationalist so he has nothing to do with the new world order your an idiot im out have a nice life

  6. We know that they know we know by now. And there just waiting. Like the ahole guy that just lips off till he gets punched. There waiting for resistance or for us to lip off and BAM! They say we attacked first and the rest of the population believes them. But they attacked us first on q11

  7. I can't remember what YT channel I was watching but they had a weather radar map showing how the evil ones are stopping it from raining in Cali. I can believe that can you?

  8. Hey Richie check out the movie
    Above Majestic it's All Truth Must Watch from David Wilcock & Corey Goode, Everyone Else Have To Watch It it's about Everything That Is Going On In Our Planet and Out Of Our Planet Exposing Everything WAKE UP Family!!!

  9. O.M.G. YOU FOUND IT, RICHIE! Reach out to Delores Tavares (I think that's her name). She is on the SGT Report as a guest multiple times. Be safe! YOU BETTER BE PACKIN AT LEAST A PISTOL.

    I'm a gay man. I hear the things you say. But it doesn't mean truth yet still comes not out of your mouth. I can look past certain things, and love my brother as if he's my own family. Be safe. Much love, no homo :)))) I couldn't resist. What's a revolution if humor isn't a part of it? Right?


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