Morgan Toft as Pontius Pilate in Jesus Christ Superstar, from the historical 1999 performance (the first Swedish version to feature the original English lyrics).

Morgan Tofts Pontius Pilate performance from Jesus Christ Superstar now available as a free DVD download in maximum quality:

Jesus Christ Superstar is © The Really Useful Group Ltd.



  1. Why is it that every successive rendition of this piece has the actor portraying Pilate prima donna ing up the the whole thing, Willaim Shatnering the lyrics…when it's supposed to be a fearful, humble scene, wherein Pilate's world is shattered?

    This isn't he worst sodomization of Pilate's dream that I've seen, but…it's damn close. Could someone please post the original recording on youtube? No one cares about the visuals; post an image of hitler raping a goat for all I care.


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