Links: Vice President Kamala Harris Chairs National Space Council Meeting at NASA’s Johnson Space Center –

A New Era of Earth Science (NASA trailer) –

“Planet of the Humans” (full documentary) –

Google spins out secret hi-speed telecom project called Aalyria, and keeps stake in startup –

The Earth Observer (NASA) Jan/Feb 22 –

Bill Gates gets “juicy” about GMO corn –


“Together We Rise” (NASA rainbow propaganda) –

The Roots of the Emergent Church by Francis Schaeffer –

Intro – The Pod – Songs Of Farewell And Departure: A Tribute To Hum –

Outro – Green To Me – Songs Of Farewell And Departure: A Tribute To Hum –

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  1. I no longer fear death, in fact….my outlook is now how I can become a better person thru TRYING what Jesus was exsplaining bro. That we have a heart condition. That we see and feel not with our hearts, but of the world. Woooooow. That we had a heart issue that barred us from hearing and seeing. And feeling. Man. I'm blown away.

    If we see with our hearts. And listen. Wow. It looks and sound COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. AMAZING

  2. That's what I've been doing the last probably 8 years 8 years is breaking The Bible down to concept. My whole live I've been studying it through various religions. The last date I've been studying so hard because I got MS 6yrs ago And took the chance while was doing nothing but sitting in wheelchairs. So I understand exactly what you mean. I just don't feel like the arguments trying to talk about it with people. Because we as black people we go hard and you worship the devil if you question anything I think. That's what you immediately are accused of.

  3. It is hard to believe what we are living through right now. I didn't think I would live to witness the death of the visible church in the US, but it is happening so fast. I used to think that there was going to be a modern reformation of sorts, but I have become so disillusioned over the past 2-3 years.

  4. The hopeless despair that Moore presents in his documentary may not be such a bad thing. Believing in Jesus on an intellectual level, yet having security and therefore confidence in this world/life and things of it, prevent one from experiencing Christ.
    I think the despair is necessary, the hopelessness of seeing all as vanity, of seeing ‘authentic self’ and realizing ‘self’ is lost, vile, nothing. It’s that despair that cries out to God, that seeks salvation, that repents, turns from self, this world, and falls at the feet of Jesus weeping.

    14 years of anxiety, depression….and now looking back I am so thankful for it because it drove me to Christ broken, empty, hopeless. And that contrast from death to the life that He gave me, the Spirit He gave me, was so stark, so complete, so powerfully gracious ……I wish that anxiety/depression on everyone if only it brings them to their knees before the Saviour, for the joy and peace is unrivalled by anything man could offer.
    God is so good.

  5. For crying out loud, what do we have to do to show gay people that they are accepted in community? Acknowledge their sexuality, (even though nobody cares about it), treat them as equal, which most of us do. I don't get it. Its like they want recognition for their sexuality or something, NOONE CARES

  6. 5k in 15 hours is impressive when you factor in the depth of the content in each video. I know I can’t be the only one that will make time as soon as possible when I see a drop. The church is where I go to get my spiritual milk but this is where I go to my spiritual nourishment. Thank you, Will.

  7. Let’s face it, these people think they are God. They have Said it. One Hugh volcano eruption can ruin everything. Is that climate change ? Or did the sun have something to do with that ? So how are they planning on controlling the sun. That should be the question to these ignorant talking heads

  8. So why at the end did you put up the whole group of 🌈gay stories? Was it to humiliate them for being 🌈gay working for NASA?
    Let me say this,I'm
    🌈gay,and watch your channel and a subscriber,am I some kind of bad person,should I unsubscribe and go find people that don't have issue with 1 very small aspect of my life,it doesn't make me different in any other way except 1 small "personal/private" part of my life that doesn't reflect me as a whole..
    The fact that I share a mostly conservative view point,and believe in God,I'm starting to understand why sooo many like me flock to the liberal/leftist ideology,because other conservatives push us away,by mocking and shaming us… what I do in my personal life isn't nobody's business,at the end of my life only I have to answer for myself,not yous! So why worry about or mock and Bully someone when it's got NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU PEOPLE!!
    I hated my life and was miserable before I came out,because I couldn't be me for real,I had to pretend to be someone everyone else expected of me.. to be
    Being able to be happy,full of life and love,being myself,free'd me from all my anger,and resentment.. it was liberating to me and I'm a wonderfully great person that cares about people,helps people who need it.. and that's 100×'s better than the majority of people that judge others for nothing that has nothing to do with them.. 🌈gay or not,everybody should be judged by their fruits and kindness,and compassion towards others

  9. For me, waking up to Mandela Effect and Flat Earth in 2017 put all those years of reading Schaeffer in a whole new perspective. I’ve gone back and read them with the understanding of reality that I have now and it is on a whole other level.

  10. Just think of all the bull that couldn't exist if folks would finally find out, en masse, that the Earth is flat and stationary, and there is no 'outer space'.
    edit: and that the Bible was true!

  11. Look take it for what it's worth,the clip of the Astronauts on the Space Station,and they're message is positive,there wasn't anything wrong with what they said,forget that Camel A Hairy@$$ was talking to them,forget her period,these Astronauts are brave,smart and don't have the same nefarious agenda these Elite F'tards have.. don't hold it against them that they're talking to her,I think they're good people,with the good of humanity in their hearts.. its people like them that can help change the world positively,hating people gets us nowhere,it stifles ideas,hate closes minds to possibilities.. I want the world 🌎 to change,for the good of everyone.. Left side,Right Side,Liberal,Conservative is Tribalism,like picking a Football team/side to join.. F that way of thinking,EVERY MAN THINKS HE'S RIGHT IN HIS OWN EYES.. which gets us NOWHERE,or "NOW HERE" it's all in how we each see it that makes the same letters become 2 different meanings.. Free yourself from your own prison,open your mind to have more chances to choose correctly..
    -God is Endless,Boundless Love ❤️,HIS Son Freed Us From That Prison Of Hell,All you have to do is stand up and walk out of it and follow him,Engulf Yourself In His Brilliance,Radiant Love 🙏🌹

  12. You would think after a while they themselves would get tired of all the lies. I know they will never admit to any of them, but it has to get exhausting for them to live their whole life in the matrix playing their puppet roles. All the money, ego and fame would ware off eventually. But no, here they are still going strong till the end.

  13. I had this wow moment about halfway through, I realized I do trust in Jesus to save me. I believe the Gospel and the Bible. These people only have what they see in front of them every day. Absolute horror if you think about it. No hope…..that is what satan wants.


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