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  1. I like how hypocritical you're. You state how the main stream news spews bs and lies yet here your channel sits with nothing but bs. lmfao. You clearly don't know anything about news.

  2. damn Richie that's the blue and green cathina planets, I can show you the video where you can see these daily on really expensive telescopes.. check it out wso April, 2016 steve Olsen watch a few of his most recent.. that's Jesus bringing us together on this page.. I'm telling you I see those 2 planets everyday.. God bless Richie and be safe

  3. If you look at eschatology the bible will tell you what is actually going on in the heavens and the Stars in Virgo and Leo constellations, this has nothing to do with astrology, which is demonic and not of God, God tells us to look to the heavens for signs, there is no planet coming to kill the Earth, they may come close but not hit. Cern LHC has a lot to do with what is going on here on Earth and a coming alien deception, who are really demons not aliens. The only time that something is going to hit the Earth is wormwood in the bible and that is much later in the second part of the tribulation and in the later part of Revelations. You are also correct about these Baal temples being erected around the world, I think it is about another realm we can't see being connected to our realm.

  4. The earth is not going to be destroyed until Jesus Christ returns, his church is raptured, and then he rules for 1000 in Israel.The incoming planet has been around every 3600 years. Take a look at the New York Post…you will see a story that has come out on it. Far too many people are capturing images of this incoming planet. We have already had a pole shift…it is not a complete shift. True north is not north….You can check this by using a compass….the sun should rise in the east, set in the west….it is not rising true east, or setting true west.

  5. I choose to believe it. I spent a long time researching ancient texts/manuscripts from centuries past all telling about a destroyer planet that came into our immediate solar system turning the world and the civilizations on it upside down. What else could explain the hundreds of vacant ruins that scatter the planet.
    There are many You-tube sites,but only a few are worth checking out.
    Steve Olson has been showing some incredible video from all over the world. he is a retired Navy technician who now spends his time monitoring the system of planets that appear to have entered and have been perturbing our sun for some time now. Anyone who doesn't want to believe in Nibiru, they then will not have much time to prepare their minds and souls for the event if it were to come out of nowhere for it.

  6. I'm not sure I get the concept of flat earth vs round earth..?
    What does it matter? Everyday I awake to either blue skies and sunshine or it's raining. Perhaps it's simply overcast, hot or cold or a warm spring day or a winter afternoon of snow. I go about my daily life, I work, I come home to dinner and a little TV, maybe do the wife, maybe not, then go to bed and get up the next morning and do it all over again. Flat or round, don't matter to me. What the hell do I really know? Maybe a car crash will take me out, cancer or old age. Maybe next Tuesday a russian soldier will kick open my apartment door and haul me off to a FEMA camp or perhaps simply shoot me dead. Maybe planet 9 is real and will finally appear in the sky on a midsummer morning then the volcanoes and the earthquakes and the sinkholes will burn us alive, shake us senseless and swallow us whole.
    How 'bout them Cubs?

  7. plus tax, plus surcharge, plus delayed post, plus vehicle broke down, estimated to arrive now in 2099. unless courier service can get it here earlier, then arrival 2078. if can use a bunch of doves with jet engines , may be , 2050. but if we launch a cable with a arrow attached, we could pull it here quicker. When it gets here, it will be here. everyone is trying to get the credit for saying when it will arrive. Just wait and repent.:)

  8. i an other people have been watching Nemesis/Nibiru system come in since last year with our own eyes, cant deny that, it's out there and close and you skeptics better get used to it. It's not the people who can actually see it thats giving any dates, its the media making fun of it all to purposely take your focus off of it, duh, get your heads together

  9. The Sun is well-known in Britain for being a worthless rag that has a reputation for lying and making up stories like this. They deliberately misquoted the scientists they interviewed and made up rumours they 'attribute' to unnamed sources, a real red flag in journalism. No scientist said that the earth will be hit this month and no scientist claimed that this planet could have killed all life on earth. If it had, we would not be here, and neither would any other living things. The Sun is shit.

  10. the govn is playing god and the real ones not happy when they put the temple of baals up all over the planets stars will be here soon, i;e taken pics its close get ready for yellowstone to go and the madrid fault, not to mention china and russia might attack usa on 19th , God Bless ,

  11. In reality there are those who believe in God and those who don't but one day sooner than later those who don't will. The bible speaks of a "Destroyer" which has in the past shown up and caused all sorts of kaos and it's here again. This isn't about religion it's about good and evil the wheat and the tares God and Satan and God is coming back to claim what is his "YOU" and in Daniel's prophecy and Revelation 8:21 speaks of a milstone cast into the sea the size of a mountain and read Isaiah 24 but be prepared it's not for the faint. This world is ruled by Lucifer and his fallen angels and evil spirits have infiltrated into the society's of this world hence "tares" and our elites are possessed by them and they know that God exists so why won't you? Its always been about hybridization and Lucifer creating his own mix of freaks and the UFO'S are the fallen abducting us and then creating hybrids. This is what God has been allowing but he's not some kind of ruthless creator he had a plan along time ago and he laid it out in the bible. The current population of earth is 7.5 billion 2.3 billion are Christian's and Jew's so what are the 5.2 billion? Soulless beings evil destroying monster's and they are about to meet their end. You don't have to believe a single word here but the one thing you don't want to be wrong about is where your soul will end up in. The bride of Christ Jesus will be raptured up taken away from what is about to take place here on earth. With or without you Its going to happen so choose this day who you will serve people?

  12. The news on yahoo home page mentions the existence of planet 9 and how it cause mass extinction as a joke.  They say by the way this month this world is going to be destroyed and then it goes to something else.  Did I miss something?  If this is true, why are they acting like well what else is in the news.  Why can't society take anything seriously? I don't want everyone to start to panic, as if it is true we know we can't stop it from happening.  But I would like to know what scientists actually think without a commercial put in it.  The scientists act like well you know we suspected it might be there so .  What aren't the scientists say – Hey man.  We are about to get destroyed and I'm scared.

    This is the Day of Salvation. If you are not Saved & you want to be Saved this is THE DAY. Who knows how much breath is left in the body Or how much time is left in This Age of GOD`s Grace.Therefore I say to all GET SAVED TODAY b/c you may not have enough breath left in you or time to do it tomorrow. Maranatha.{ Romans 10:9-13 } { 1 John 5:1 } { John 3:15-17 }

  14. Don't know about nibiru, there is no way for me to verify what is truth and what is deception…however, I no longer believe nibiru is what is affecting our sky and our sun, and I think tptb want us to believe in the misdirection and deception that nibiru has become…

    Yes YT has been obviously infiltrated by government cointelpro and disinfo, and is trying to redirect, confuse, and discredit information, so we have to use discretion and study everything on our own. If we do not fall for tptb's psy-ops, then they become irrelevant and have no power over us.

    If we use common sense and our eyes, then we know that the planet Jupiter, which is visible in the night sky, that we can see with our naked eyes, has a mass about 300 times that of earth, and Jupiter has no noticeable effect on earth…
    so we think that a planet, that we do not even know that exists, and which we can't see with our eyes, is creating chaos in our sky and affecting earth?? I don't.

    I believe that Christ Jesus Fulfilled all in Scripture, just as He told us He would; that He unsealed all the Seals in the Book of Revelation.
    The only thing that is still unsealed is REV10:1-4, the 7 Thunders.
    tptb however seem to be using the Book of Revelation as a script as they unfold their
    NWO agenda before us, and some are not seeing this.

    What are the 7 Thunders and when will it happen? No one knows.
    We were told by Christ Jesus that
    "a wicked and adulterous generation seeks after a sign, and none will be given…"
    Has humanity reached a point again where evil is about to surpass the good,
    where deception and lies rule everything, and a Judgment will come?
    It seems that way, but we don't when or how it will be.
    It will probably be upon us "like a thief in the night"; when we least expect it..
    And the 'signs' in the sky are a deception…

    Just like in the time of Noah and the nephilim/raphaim/hybrids/giants,
    humanity has once again engaged in genetic modification – GMOs –
    and human DNA manipulation – transhumanism,
    and engages in human sacrifice and blood rituals, etc.,
    so if our Creator interceded in the time of Noah for the same evil and wickedness,
    are we close to the time where He will intercede again?? We are instructed to be ready Spiritually always, to watch and wait patiently, for we don't know when our Last Day on planet earth will be.

    My personal belief, and I may be wrong: I continue to study it,
    is we have a better chance of the cosmic waves affecting us, maybe for 2017 or later,
    than an elusive planet nibiru…just my thoughts…also "Earth Under Fire" by Paul LaViolette explains the galactic superwave…as many others have too..Peace brother..

  15. I wonder how this planet X ties in with Saturn, I forget exactly what Anthony patch said in that last podcast with gonz and kev baker, or if he even spoke when the topic was up I'll have to check.

  16. The 9th planet is Pluto. Just because some asstard debunked Pluto does not make it so. Planet 10, 11, 12 and on are on their way. Think beyond the dumb ass that call Pluto a non planet. His degree of so called education does give him not the right.

  17. @5:00 "The orbital period of this punitive ninth planet is 20000 years"  did I catch that right?  His specific use of the word "punitive planet" is interesting.  If your a ball earther this is an interesting video about the ancient texts accounts of the destruction of earth  If you're a flat earther check this video out If you're not sure where the fuck you live watch them both.

  18. "Main stream history" is wrong do the research and you will know what you learned in school was a lie. Ask yourself a question why so few control all media? Why so few control all that is published for "textbooks"? RFB is spot on when he says go to these place see the things for your self.. do real research. When was the last time anyone when to the library? or read a book that did not have pictures in it? Instead of pointing fingers and believing everything your told ask the big question.. why? Then see if you can go figure it out perhaps you may even learn a few things.

  19. Well whatever is going on ,it's going to happen pretty soon.I know there will be massive earth movement,the Lord showed me.He also showed me what I now know to be Cern and he said they think they can kill me. So when I heard A. Patch say this it was a total confirmation to me about him.I have a relationship with the most high but this was the only time he spoke audible in this way,that I have a clear memory of that is.


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