PM Modi At Buddhist Summit: China On Backfoot? | Severe Asian Heatwave | Vantage With Palki Sharma
In today’s episode

+ PM Narendra Modi At Buddhist Summit: China On Backfoot?
+ Heatwave: The Silent Killer
+ US Vs China: New Race For Nukes
+ Is US Losing Latin America?
+ King Charles’ Coronation: Britons Ask ‘Why Should We Pay’
+ Is Putin Using A Body Double?
+ Is AI Coming For Your Music?
+ Stampede In Yemen
+ Taiwan Wants To Learn English

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    Gas poisons cripple
    State health distance health
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    Dead born
    Since birth breath
    In life and after death
    Universe presence state soul sound
    Decisions made forge ordinences law
    How are you today
    Fire vs piece of ground

  2. China may seem to be on back foot but the fact is that over the last three decades they have built up their technological and economic base and fiscal reserves and are contemplating or in fact effecting an alternate economic order through SCO. They have even roped in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Iran into a energy coalition ready to transact in regional currencies. Their military has deterrence value and degradational value against competitors. They believe in perseverant strategic patience and focus.

  3. In Tibetan culture grandparents often used to give candies to their grandchildren through their mouth … and if they don't have anything to give at that moment they say "Eat My Tongue "… which refers to the emotion that everything of mine is yours only…

    So I think there is nothing controversial in Dalai lama's behavior's .. its just that world don't know about it's cultural aspect.

  4. Political, yes, but what if there were a resurgence, a Restoration of Buddhism, a Hag [pilgrimage] to India yearly? This reinforces the signature of India as the true omphalos of Buddhism. Palki covers the complexity of India's rise to over-power China in critical cultural and religious ways, along with military power. We are watching a cultural shift that matches climate changes the world over.

  5. Boudhaist is council politics,modern time work for school students.Grade report card,paid should be a form of debits.Revenue credits percentage would increase,forceing laws to gather among school areas to provide assistance.Ending school shooting,with class to support task-force operations.

  6. The Chinese live next to Iqaris nuclear cybertron fortress base.The nuclear will leak and rise,and Asia is in the way of a nuclear holocaust.Savager could dwell on the pass,modern nuclear exist and behold the future await faith.

  7. Toba, OMG, like the catholic priest predators, God is unraveling the truth. How could those ignorant people try to protest and defend him? SHAME ON THEM. Imagine what he would have done in private. Ask him to suck and lick other parts. Watch the way he looks at the kids like a FUCKING PREDATOR shaking before he loses himself to ask them to suck his tongue. In NO Culture, that's BS covering up for him. Be a voice and advocate for an innocent kid, not for an old man predator.

  8. Such a shame that India is now talking as may lies as the USA and GB and in the same stupid and aggressive way. It was the USA who cancelled the Atomic weapon control and it is every other country to equalise with the weapon production of the US which is as large as the next 10 countries, pathetic India is one of. Even Buddhist are no match, no matter where their centre is ((((((((((((((((-: On top of all the slaves are now learning the slaveowners Language (((((((((-:


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