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  1. I miss when you did this bible teaching more often you should do this again more oftenly. Your new videos focus to much on tribulations stuff it's cool but this is way better. God bless you.

  2. Hey brother levi..wanted to tell you I backslid and sinned..and feel horrible about it..sometimes I feel an inner battle with satin and I get down on my knees and pray to jesus to was me clean of these battles help me cast out whatever trying to manipulate me true thoughts ..and whats awesome is this video came just when I needed it..there is so muc evil in this world today and I want to battle against it and be a soldier of god…please keep me in prayers to overcome these struggles and striving to become perfect in faith..thanks brother..god bless you brother many thanks to you and most important jesus

  3. i just read Romans 4 about Abraham's faith this morning…. Abraham believed (trusted)God!  And it was counted to him as righteousness and therefore Abraham was declared 'Not Guilty' before God. AMEN

  4. brother I hope to one day worship with you not just in heaven one day but in this lifetime. you just don't know I'm in a place where I feel so alone naturally in my walk with Christ. I feel isolated from other believers. but where I'm A God is raising up other believers, and her allowing me to be involved in the harvest. all the pain I've endured due to being alone in my walk with Christ it was worth it he set me apart for special use, and I now see why I had to endure what I did. because I wanted Him to use me mightily to further His kingdom I had to, and still do to suffer. Isn't it so worth it?

  5. Please pray for my girlfriend mirela. She is a convert who wants to learn more about the true God, but she has short term memory loss and when we read scripture its hard for her to remeber what it was she read about

  6. Ur thoughts and feelings came from spirit, there are the spirit of Obedience to Jesus but there is also spirit of doubt, which one is stronger depents on ur will

  7. Levi Read Isaiah 21 the whole chapter is about Babylon which God is saying it's Saudi Arabia. also read Joshua 7:6 & then read Revelation 18:19 the Jews use to cast dust on there heads & Islam learn this from the Jews. Rome or America doesn't cast dust on there heads. please also read Revelation 17:1-6 & then Isaiah 47:1-5 this is about the daughter of Babylon which is a Chaldeans & a Chaldeans r Assyrians. its says God put BABYLON into darkness so that's why BABYLON has been a mystery. Read Revelation 18:7 & read Isaiah 47:8-10 as U can see Babylon says no one sees her & she ISNT a widow. in Daniel many ppl get it wrong King Nebuchadnezzar was in Iraq & the Chaldeans r Assyrians Rome wasn't involved. plus Rome & America doesn't sit in the desert now DOES it? Did U know the name Mecca means mother? Isaiah 21:1 says Babylon is in the desert. Isaiah 21:13,16,17 is all about Babylon which is Saudi Arabia the whole chapter of Isaiah 21 is about Babylon. also read Isaiah chapters 13 & 14 is about Babylon many ppl didn't catch this verse Isaiah 13:19-20 why would an Arab pitch a tent in America or at the Vatican that just doesn't make sense? Isaiah 13:17 says God will send the Medes against Babylon. now Zechariah 5:1-4,11 the flying roll is a missile which IRAN & Iraq will use it to destroy Babylon & verse 11 says they even house this missile on its base in Shinar which is IRAN & Iraq. please leave me a comment.

  8. thank you brother the way that God moves through you is such a fire of faith a good fire passion of God and inspiration that moves me to the very core thank you God thank you Lord Jesus for all of the blessings that you have brought us and still to this very moment bring us yes Lord help me to have faith in where I cannot see help me to see where I am still felling help me to understand and see more clearly I surrender it all to you lord thank you brother levy you thank you Jesus thank you God


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