302: On this episode of CCNT, Flippy is on “Mars,” whiney Ghislaine claims tapes of Trump and Hillary, defend police fail, harry legs Biden on China before vs after; WACCINE: Wuhan viral lab to receive US tax money until 2024, ferrets badgers and rabbits, C19 human trials, Pope says no wax no vat, SA variant make jab obsolete, 130+ countries without jab, Sweden drops 70k parking spots, Zuck on jab DNA clip; Facebook bans Australia, Censorship conference censored, 3D printed Israeli meat, Bill Gates drinks poop, Skunkworks new secret Speed Racer, Facebag takes CCP money, NWO peace is cheaper than war, Psychology Today says something good about Conspiracy Theorists! #Politics #BillGates #FakeMeat WIN AN OUNCE OF SILVER!

Step 1: Make a Social Media post with a call to action

Step 2: Tag the post with #CanaryCryNewsTalk

Step 3: Include a link to something from Canary Cry Radio/News Talk (Episode, website, CanaryCry.Community etc.)

That’s it! You can do it as many times as you want for the entire month of February! A random post will be chosen as the winner of the 1 oz Silver Coin!

Thanks to Erin Moffett for providing the silver coin!

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