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Possessed: The Modern Exorcism 1/27/2011


Behind the scenes as priest casts demons out of possessed woman.



  1. You know it too

    Just exist in the devil a little while longer

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  2. 2: 268. Satan promises you with poverty and commands you with indecency, while Lord Allah promises you forgiveness as well as bounties from Him, and Allah is the Wide-Knower.

    The believer who considers the Lord as the Impartial are the ones when they spend, they will not be extravagant and not niggardly, but they will accept a moderate way as told in verse 25: 67. If one starts to spend in the way of the Lord, Satan will threaten him with the fear of becoming poverty. The cursed Satan commands only with indecency and prohibited things like prostitution, theft, sodomy, liquor, adulterations, hawala, etc. Satan will not obstruct mankind from the Arabic Quran but Adhikr.

    Today, the Arabic Quran reading Fujjar who read these verses are more indulged in evils than all other people who have not read these verses. Since these true disbelievers don’t transform their Jinn soulmate mentioned in verses 43: 36-39 into a believer with Adhikr, they will get Hell as a penalty for their deeds like fasting, prayer, pilgrimage, and charity as explained in verse 2: 186. On the Day of Judgment Satan will say: “Indeed, Lord promised you with Truth, I too promised you, but now I’m breaking my promises, and I had no authority upon you except to call you, then you answered to me, so you don’t blame me, you blame yourselves, I can’t save you, nor you can save me, indeed I reject your act of associating me with Lord before, indeed the wrongdoers have painful punishment” as told in verse 14: 22. The promise of Satan is nothing except cheating as explained in verse 4: 120. Whoever spends niggardly fearing worldly gains, they are the disbelievers as explained in verse 4: 37. See explanation 2: 168-171; 4: 79 and 9: 67-68."

    From Adhikr-the Best Interpretation of Lord's Book

  3. If she didn't know what classic possession looked like, probably from watching movies, she would never be able to act it out. This is such a cliche expression, and it looks like she is having an adult tantrum at the very most. Quite literally NONE of the signs or criteria that the priest mentioned in order to be considered as real possession, even just potentially, did she actually do for the camera. I heard no other languages besides English tbh, and she appeared human the whole time, not like a "serpant." Perhaps there was some aversion to churches, holy water, and the viewing of crosses, but that can be easily faked. No proof, sorry.

  4. Someone who's possessed won't remember one thing as in detail like she just described she just was on way to many drugs but if she feels good and drug free good for her

  5. Praise GOD! Good works, practice of humility, purity of hearth and mind, daily mass and frequent holy confession are significant practices and way of life that every christian must do to prevent evil's possession. I hope and pray that the exorcists remain in a state of a pure and holy life now and forever. Amen!

  6. Fun fact: not all priests can perform exorcisms. Exorcism is considered as a special field in the church, it requires special training, but I could be wrong….also its not a fun fact. You might already know this.


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