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  1. Man I agree with you 100 percent this is my second time watching this video and I actually envy those in a way that are growing up in nature without distractions of television etc. I grew up in an atheist home celebrating Halloween and raised on Nintendo and cartoons and never saw a problem with it until my relationship with the Lord grew. Your story is incredible, and this system we are living In with grocery stores, internet, all of this is not the way God wanted us to live, I believe he wanted us to live off the land and be self reliant and be able to truly enjoy the beauty of this Earth and the gifts he left us here. I still have things that are holding me back from a full relationship with my heavenly Father and it saddens me deeply. I pray for his guiding light to show Me a way out of the chains that are binding me to this world, Amen

  2. Wow this is so inspiring to see the children of third world countries with little to nothing serving the people of the their community in the name of our Lord and Savior! I pray that these precious lambs of God will continue to do great works for our father and that their lives and everything in it be blessed, increased with the magnitude of blessings from our Lord and Savior. They really made my heart smile

  3. Good bless u, brother. I'm in agreement with our prayers for the lost. They need their eyes opened. 🙏 Praise the Lord for giving HIS LIFE for us.
    And I pray Travis heard the Lord as well, and committed his life to Christ and begs for forgiveness. Amen.


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