An inspiring story about an up-and-coming high school basketball coach, on his way to a record number of wins, who is fired for praying with one of his players. From Writer/Director Wes Miller, and starring Nick Lashaway, Lorenzo Lamas, Corbin Bernsen & Clifton Davis, this story follows the journey of a coach destined to claim his God given calling. From termination to redemption, the single act of prayer leads to the realization that one man will do anything for the students that mean so much to him and that same act will redeem another man who has lost his way.



  1. @ 28:45 he mentions the Holy Trinity. This was written into the Bible in the seventeenth century. Not one version of the Bible before this included this passage. The Catholic Encyclopedia gives the history of this happening. 
    This concept that prayer never fails is CRAP. GET A CLUE. 🔍

  2. Beautiful movie! Yes! Yes! Yes! Prayer never fails! Thanks dear Lord! Help humanity your dear childrens to have strong faith and enjoy it! Thanks dear Lord for your love and Mercy! Thank you! Thank you! Prayer Never Fails!. Love you dear God, Jesus and Angels and Archangels from Heaven! Aleluya!


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