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  1. I think he did the right thing..he had too…BUT he's the only PRESIDENT that finally said no more fading your own people…memeber when Saddam Husseindid this and Bush let it go…i think and hears from other truthers-hes not part of the illuminati actually..NOR their puppet….HE SHOWED THAT….–this is biblical my brethren—COME SOON LORD JESUS!!.keep Trump in your prayers..i also see he's the ONLY PRESIDENT that's ACTUALLY EVEN SAYS GOD..!!!!when he stressed us that tomahawk night-he said GOD 3 times….I DON'T THINK HE'S A PUPPET….i think and am.nervous for him that he will,BE assasinated 😡🤔🤔🤔

  2. That Nerve gas attack was a total hoax, the nerve agent involved would pass through the fabric that the biological team went they're with, utter garbage all of it. did people Die I highly doubt it – this is fear porn plain and simple for people that believe the crap they stick on the mainstream TV.

  3. When you exalt a mere man to "Save America" rather than the most high who is the ONLY one who saves, this is what you get. These people have been deceiving everyone for centuries with propaganda and social engineering that i watched a bunch of Christians buy into this big deception that Trump was America's saving grace. Trump will not save you, Hillary will not save, nor your money when the true wrathbringer comes.

  4. How does ISIS get food and weapons? It would be simple to prevent the food train in a real war. What other countries are supporting this? Jordon, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Lebanon? Has to be Muslim countries. That just makes sense. Remember guys it's just a few bad apples that run the show. Lucifer is in charge. For now…….That is real.

  5. all he did was respond to a crime against humanity and send a fearless messege to all who think they can get away with doing such unhumane and demonic decisions i believe God directed trumps decision untill Jesus returns we still need at least some law and order

  6. You know what I think? If we had elected Mickey Mouse we would be looking at the same scenario we are right now. It doesn't matter who gets in there it's all a big show. They always proclaim that there endeavors are some kind of crusade for justice and good, but I think alot of us can see through the smoke and mirrors.

  7. Luke 21:28…" But as these things start to occur, stand up straight and lift up your heads, because your deliverance is getting near." We are closer to the end of all wickedness and suffering than what most people are taking note of, just like in Noah's day!!!

  8. you are reading too much into it. USA is the superpower of the world. The US has the ability to attack at will. These are basic principles in politics and common sense (this isn't to say USA can do what it wants. No one in the world can do whatever they want. There is wrong and right).
    Can America do something bigger? of course they can. this is the greatest empire of the world. should America do something bigger? this is the question. and the answer is: it depends.

  9. Trump made an agreement with Russia and Syria, removed the Russian troops that were guarding the chem weapons Assad gave over 4 years ago and destroyed the chemical weapons by bombing them. Now the door is open for democratic elections by the people of Syria and Assad can step down. Also, the Kurds might be able to have their own area. The Kurds have been fighting ISIS the whole time. ISIS has been driven into a pincer coming out of Syria going into Iraq.

  10. humans have to understand that countries (corporations​) are all controlled by non human entities…we are lied to about everything to cause chaos and keep us divided and in war with each other as they control us and still our land and freedom to live and prosper

  11. you told us to hold on before we jump on the bandwagon for the Trump train okay simple enough I'll give you that but now back to you hold on before you get on the anti Trump train let's see how this plays out it's only one incident he's only human you can't jump up and down to say that you're correct just because he did one thing that's not positive so let's wait and see just like you told us to do fair enough?

  12. I think you are mistaken my brother. You saw the photos of what Assad did then you know why Trump responded the way he did. He warned Russia to get out or die and they pulled out. He did not strike civilians but, the airport that the bombs came out of. You can't believe everything coming out of the liberal main stream media. They are liars and anti-Trump. Russia actually said they can not condone or support Asaad for the attacks on his own people. That is why they pulled out without conflict. Trump can not make an act of war without congresses permission. What he did was eliminate the immediate threat to civilians and our troupes.

  13. This is Iraq and Saddam Hussein all over again, just another tactic to destroy another country and let Isis gain more ground. Assad has been misaligned and has never been proven to have gassed his people. Now, chaos will ensue and Isis and rebel factions will be able to take over the country, as Assad is deposed. I am so disheartened by this, especially after I watched the interview with Asma Assad (Assad's wife and First Lady of Syria), please see what a wonderful woman she is how she and her husband have been trying to restore the country:

  14. I am Canadian, and the politics of America is none of my business but I have faith in Trump. That first article you used is from Vox and their reporters like to add extra commentary to the articles that are not objective facts but their own opinions. Since half of America is Anti Trump put 2 and 2 together. There is a Global Agenda to unite the World under a One World Government and Trump knows of this and wants to keep America out of it. Why do you think there is so much division, protesting, "Political Correctness", Trump slander everywhere you look. Because the "Powers that Be" are threatened by Trump and trying to put a stop to him

  15. I told all of the Trump supports and they didn't believe me. Now the cycle repeats AGAIN. And before anyone starts attacking me saying ''You're just a butthurt Hillary supporter! etc'' I never voted for any of those 2 frauds. I knew that reguardless of who won, the cycle would repeat again. It makes absolutely no difference. Moral of the story is, presidents and politicians are ALL TALK


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