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  1. Don't like this negativity about Trump or the spread of gloom. Trump is anointed by God, has heaven's backing and will not fail. The constant negativity and criticism needs to stop. He is our President now and is not going anywhere. So instead of speaking word curses over him and our country, support and pray for the King and leadership, says God's Word. Check out Prophetess Kat Kerr to hear heaven's perspective on our President. We are in the Kingdom age and the children of God are rising up to manifest God's power on the earth like never before, to rule and reign, to push back darkness, and take the wealth of the wicked. God's going to show off in His kids on earth mightily before the tribulation

  2. Right wing republicans love a strong, dominating, masculine, virile leader.  One that is directing, macho, controlling and in charge.  They like to be led by this type of strong male leader.  They are brought up this way, with their “daddy” leading the household in an unquestioned manner because the bible says the man is the head of the house as Jesus is the head of the church.  All this talk of head and strong male leadership is very homoerotic.  Just as submitting to Jesus, his rod and staff and so forth.  I personally subscribe to a philosophy of inserting myself into accepting places where I can have a tremendous impact for good.  I find it exciting to plunge into the deepest places of truth and knowledge and discover profound realities deep within this glorious universe.  I enjoy basking inside the warm waters of knowledge as my host, the creation quivers and tremors around me.  I appreciate it as the universe speaks back to me loudly and with passion as we move to deeper and deeper understanding of harder and harder ideas and concepts of truth and knowledge.  I know that eventually, as I continue to drive hard perhaps with some pain and put my back into my work, the universe and I will burst forth together into a higher realm of understanding, knowledge and ecstasy.  I hope many will join me in this quest of fulfilment and joy.  I am a free thinker that does not need this so call tiny handed president to tell me what to think or do.  I pray that we remain free in this country so we can pursue happiness.  May the goddess bless you all.

  3. It's not a Muslim ban and in that order if you would have read it that's a bs cover he opened us to the move towards the chip and neural interface by starting the BIOMETRIC SYSTEM!!!! First as a form of ID and eventually for money then when that's not convenient enough we go to a chip "the mark"

  4. They changed the Word. The Word is Jesus and the Jesuits in the Vatican have hijacked Christianity. SDA is even infiltrated with the worst sermons, even though Ellen White Told them what's happening (Great Controversy, free online PDF). They are a cult to worship tithes, so sickening. Go to the SDA and remove the Jesuits from the Pulpit. Saturday is the 4th commandment, when they void the law of God, he will act (Psalm 119:126). SUNDAY IS THE MARK OF THE BEAST. JESUITS HAVE INFILTRATED THE PULPITS. SUNDAY IS PAYING HOMAGE TO LUCIFER

  5. You my friend YOU are very good. I love you man. Keep on pointing out the TRUTH. And people here need to realize one thing…. There are none so blind as those who will not see. That statement is not my own, but I use it often. Does anybody know who coined that phrase?

  6. this video is a perfect example of the dumbing-down of our society. Look what the left has done in the last 8 years the moral fabric of our nation. The people in the streets are a perfect example half of them don't even know what's going on they're just getting paid to be there and raise hell. I'm not saying Donald Trump is the love of my life but he was the lesser of two evils in the last election. and how any woman could have supported Hillary Clinton is beyond me. How can you respect a president that lives with a sex-addicted husband and covers that for him and traumatizes the women he victimizes? They can take the woman's March and stick it you know where I am not a feminist anymore I'm disgusted with them.

  7. I cannot agree with this presentation. I believe this time with President Trump is a chance to win souls ultimately. The return of our Savior Jesus/Yeshua is close. I will keep this in mind in spite of my disagreement.

  8. What scripture did this guy use to make his point? Maybe I missed it, however, praying in the White House should be considered scary? I am only a man and must trust Jesus Christ to see me through, not the president or this channel. Thought provoking at best.

  9. c pratt We look to Christ alone! His word is true. My faith and trust is in God
    alone. I agree, looking at Trump will deceive many that's why we need to
    stay in our word and hear what thus says the scripture not man.

  10. 501C3 was a way to keep the pastors to not preach the truth of God's word in order to keep their tax benefits and the government knew it.  God is using Trump to give those who have been deceived to hear the full truth of the gospel. Don't judge president to quickly. He is not a so called preacher and God did not look into the church to find one to get the job done.He needed a man who would have courage as he did David and faith to do what God told him to do. Who are you to judge a man that God has anointed for the job. PreceptsMatthew 24:14This gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations and then the end will com.501C3 kept the truth out of the gospel that most preachers are afraid to preach. This is not the same as when Christ walked the earth, God will use what ever he needs to do to make sure the message is given so that in judgement you will not have any excuse to have believed.Mark 13:10And the gospel must first be preached to all nations. Their has to be a sure way to reach all the nations the gospel without compromise of a 501C3 Tax exempts.Colossians 1:6that has come to you, it is bearing fruit and growing all over the world, just as it has among you since the day you heard it and recognized God's grace in the truth. God choses a man or woman who will obey him to tell the truth and not one who will cause men to error. Donal Trump for now is obeying the Most High not man. Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth.These are at least 3 precepts or a witness (2 Corinthians 13:1) to prove why a 501C3 needs to be made an executive order to remove. The gospels shall be preach before Christ returns and preached in truth.  Pray that you are not deceived.


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