1. Reagan v Gorbachev the cold war; they were both propaganda experts. Reagan worked propaganda in WW2 making movies for the military and Gorbachev was KGB. I don't think it was a coincidence that they were in office at the same time. The whole world is rigged, all of what we see and hear are spoon feed lies. Peace

  2. People are not able to open their eyes. I think that there are some with a gift and some without. I have lost friends, so many. My father, amazingly, at 94, would debate issues, always open-minded, even when it hurt him. I remember, as a child, setting up a huge antenna with him on our roof in Pakistan so that he could record the "Moon Landing" on his Akai reel to reel. He was of the Kennedy generation and it just broke his heart when I told him about and showed him things that couldn't be. I should have kept my trap shut. He was a good man and he passed away with doubts about many things.

  3. it's bizarre how they can plan things out in advance like this (ie. pizzagate psyop to fake news)
    sometimes it seems like they can time travel back and forth and tweak things.
    fuck richie. thanks for everything. over an out maybe.

  4. But the invisible super Jesus isn't fake propaganda right Richie. More like it's some of the original stuff. And if you really believe so much why worry. Maybe the invisible super Jesus wants all this. Your a gatekeeper obviously

  5. I always thought it to be a trap..why all governments have super computers…key words start the recording then they keep tabs just Incase they want to fark you over it's been going on since the mid 90's,,,,had an ex work for vodaphone,,,,I was tapped because who I knew…now I no…no one…

  6. I always listen to EVERYTHING including Alex Jones. It is important to get ALL the information from whatever source. Then make decisions for ourselves. We get clues from it all. No to any censorship except for sadism and masochism.

  7. It's hilarious. The 'Fake news' notion was valid for about 30 seconds…. Now it's a throwaway term used by Very poorly informed Right wingers who don't like hearing reported facts. Anything which doesn't confirm their bias is 'Fake News'!
    What a rubbish existence….
    You have our pity. And don't say you don't need it. You need every bit of help available. You poor, poor, sorry looking folk.

  8. Alex Jones is a loud mouth. I tried several times to get him to report on or investigate things and he ignored me. You can't even join a live stream chat without being censored or timed out. I've noticed many youtubers are being cheated or censored if they have the word News in their channel name. Especially if they are christian or conservative.

  9. Dang them! I guess I'll have to learn how to use face book again, have not used it in a long while! But I love what you put out, The Truth! Oh, and Thank you for your service for our nation. Even though we now now it was for the powers that be, instead of for us. Can't thank you enough for all the info! God bless you always and everyone else! Love you.


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