also “British Supreme Count just said NO to Prime Minister Boris Johnson attempt to suspend the Parliament

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  1. paul rhonda empson has a video out tha mentions that when you go to israel in october something is going to happen she does not know what it is about the dream said it will happen maybe the peace deal will be signed

  2. The red sky. That's what demons see through their eyes. I'm not kidding that's pretty much what it looks like your demons eyes
    ??? The Mikey thing screwed up. It Wrote down the wrong word. It's supposed to say [ like their demon eyes ] not your demon eyes.???

  3. Paul you were born for such a time as this right now you're the Public's mouthpiece be careful what you read and what you say I love you brother God bless you amen Selah

  4. Maybe they were giving him drugs you know you take enough drugs and yeah you think you're on Mars you think all kinds of things I'm a recovered addict I know about these kind of things

  5. not sure why you are asking for offering for Rosh Hashanah.  also pastor wondering why you say we are not under the old testament law?  Jesus himself said he came not to abolish but to fulfill   read matthew 5 17-20

  6. Check out mudfosssil university. The Atlas Mountains in Morocco is a giant dragons carcass It has been hit by Gods mighty sword as the Bible says and has two breaks in its spine. It is spitting fiery poison at a giant fish carcass. You can see it clearly on google earth. Ancient coins have the dragon attacking the giant fish. Locals say the mountain is a dragon 🐉 and how could they see it from space?


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