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  1. The following text bothers me…—>  The Trumps paid $1.8 billion for the 666 tower. And 18 = 3*6 = 666. The 666 tower is held by Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner.
    Kush was the patriarch of Babylon, the son of Ham, and the father of Nimrod who created of the Tower of Babel. 
    The Trumps are also in the process of building a $666 million tower at One Journal Square. According to multiple reports the height will be 666 feet.
    According to multiple reports, the famous Trump Tower is 203 meters tall. And 203 meters = 666 feet. The Trump penthouse is on the 66th floor.

  2. Peace and joining together,The pope has already signed a one world religion and all Religions worship the same God.one world government is coming and The New World Order will be done, Agenda 21 is coming along nicely for the psychopaths, keeping humanity under 500 million,CERN have opened the flood gates of hell, entity's coming through and messing with humanity,our minds,our DNA,Our Natural Rhythm or frequency that is being mixed up from wifi,radio waves, pulses,the silent war.cancer and diabetes and depression, aggression, strange behaviour is the affects of cell towers.

  3. Yeah if you look up Moses in his story the story said that god trying to tell us there something not right Moses had a evil brother that rule Egypt god said to Moses you need to get your people out of there and the water turned red

  4. everything written in the bible will happen.so i gave myself to the lord jesus christ.i am not afraid of anything that will happen to the world.so we will converted to god the father of the creator and to his only childno one else but the our savior the lord jesus christ.

  5. Perfectly normal ! For an apocalyptic world where we now see the supernatural in full manifestation the nonbelievers will become believers the army of heaven wait til they see that .


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