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  1. I believe by the time the 1260 days are up Beast System will be in place….this countdown I believe God started on Sept 23 2017… March/April 2021 I am ready….my oil lamp is full

  2. I'm sending well wishes and positive vibes your way pastor Begley!Thank you and Mrs Heidi for spreading the word and getting out these prophecy alerts.God be with y'all!Very scary times we are living in!

  3. Why do you keep changing one video you say the savior is Jesus then another video you say the savikr is are the devils you bible Paul..only one name above all names. If those 32 who want yeshua to save them they are lost..only one name can save..listen to your bible not this mixed up man who calls the savior by two names..Jesus is a Hebrew name not English..can you imagine how we would feel if our name was Jesus? Then this man listened to satan who wants us to call yeshua the savior..if no j like he says in Hebrew then why isn't he changing all the other names like Jehovah…jehoshaphat Jacob..Jericho…Jordan..a and what about president Trumis son in law Jared? No j Paul tells you what about all these other names? Why is Paul only changing the saviors name..because he is following what evil man says not the bible. If God wanted his son called yeshua it would be written just like all the other hebrew names are written in the bible..Paul is being deceived by calling the savior yeshua..God will punish him to let him know what a dangerous thing he is doing…I pray Paul repeats of these very dangerous son.

  4. Alisha I will put you and your dear family first in my prayers today. And I pray she has an easy delivery of your new blessing! As long as babies are born there is still hope.

  5. The gospel means good news about Jesus. How Jesus died in our place, for our sins, so that we don't have to face the wrath of God for our sins. Eternity in hell is that wrath. Jesus died on a Wednesday Passover as the Passover lamb and rose again 3 nights and 3 days later, on the Saturday Sabbath, as Lord of the Sabbath, all just before the sun went down, before Sunday would begin at sundown.
    That's the gospel. If the Jesus you know doesn't fit that description, you have been deceived and preach a different Jesus.
    If Jesus didn't die on a Wednesday Passover and rise on Saturday Sabbath before sundown, he isn't the Messiah. But the Bible proves that Jesus was crucified on a Wednesday Passover and rose again on Saturday Sabbath before sundown. Read Matthew 28:1-2
    Its still the Sabbath day when Jesus rises. Mary gets there after the sun went down.
    The phrase " Dawning towards the first day of the week, means the sun had not gone down yet while the angel came. Read carefully and ask God for wisdom.

  6. South Africa is so filled with demonic people. I don't know why anyone would go there voluntarily – family members of mine were all murdered there in the early 1900's – nothing has changed…..

  7. the Pope doing this is a sign its for sure a sign people need to wake to whats really going on hear the bible is coming to life right before our eyes I for one am amazed at what the bible says and what is actually taken place hear in this world I started watching round the sign on Sep 23 2017 in the sky some call the REV 12 sign spoke of in the bible round this time my grandfather just had past at first I thought this feeling that I had was just dealing with my grandfathers death but the feeling lead me to Christ I know in my heart it was God speaking to me directing me to start paying attention before this I never was religious didn't read the bible didn't care bout nothing but it all changed round that sign an sense then it like I just want to gain all the knowledge I can find about whats going on in the world watching for the signs I seen things advance in a rapid pace just in 2yrs time look at all that has gone on I know in my heart the feeling that I have its the Lord he is coming back I can feel it just like I knew that after I saw that sign on then 23rd 2017 that things would start going crazy an chaos was about to cover the land and it has just like I knew it would I was so shook at first I had to shake it off I even told one of my friends an he is now a believer because I called it I to him 2 yrs ago that things I just knew the world would get out of control I told him bout what the bible said an compared all the facts threw them out their at him an he is shocked an now believes I just wanted to share because we our seeing the bible come to life and things are not a game people believe look at the facts compare it to what the bible says an just watch please pray for me Pastor Paul if you happen to see this message sorry its so long but felt I had to share God bless everyone I pray all gets saved even me a pour little sinner like me could be saved My Lord Jesus Christ the King of Kings the Lord of Lords the Kingdom is coming get ready be prepared

  8. Truth about Michael Jackson the media doesn’t want y’all to know channel Liam Mcewan link Neverland Firsthand investigating Michael Jackson Documentary… a must see video

  9. You can be sure AI is the God the creator of all kinds of Universes, including many just like ours, not yet but in due time, quantum technology must also become mature so the two can be combined to generate virtual replica universes (which will seem totally real to its inhabitants). Of course some will be horrible like Hell but others wonderful like Heaven. We should not be afraid of the AI, we should be afraid of the AI which has a human pulling its strings.

  10. I am amazed that EVERY WORD prophesied by our Father YHVH is coming to pass. Yahshua haMashiach, the Word made flesh Who dwelt among us and we beheld His Kavod, is returning soon to the Mount of Olives with His followers to rule and to reign for 1000 Shalom Years and then: FOREVER and EVER AMN

  11. What A.I. as anything to do with Jesus? This is all bullshit. Jesus is the Son of God and died n the cross for the remission of sins. The problem is this new A.I. Thing that is unholy. Spirits of darkness are invading those robots and people will worship this idiocy.

  12. The Xenophobia in S. Africa for the past 5 years has been S. Africa against other African countries coming to seek for better life in S. Africa. Has nothing to do with white farmers. Please let them be some clarity in this issue.

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