“Peace Deal is Changing the World”

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  1. I was praying to the God of Abraham when management had to come here and I was ill. The office staff say I have vertigo . The Holy Spirit said sea salt wash with I used it the illness went in 5 minute I said where is this salt and I heard Leviticus 2:13 another time I said let my finger go to the scripture I heard then and I opened on Matthew 5:13. 2024 is a year to watch and 2020 pray and fast Daniel 9 for self, ancestors, and nation. The peace deal without the Prince of Peace? Supplicate for our children all of them as Mose did with the golden calf. Depopulation pray Psalm 124. Pray for enemies salvation. The programmed darkness comes earlier, falcons and crows seem stalking us also ravens this is not superstition. Turn to God Now. Study the Torah (applicable parts) no temple as our bodies are temples, no animal as Jesus was the last sacrifice. Love people and pray for them. study Jesus words after Torah the Bible will soon be outlawed I have seen in truth tellers literature.

  2. thank you a million for the show. Pray for all Churches. I feel deep , deep dark fear when in the afternoon from 2p.m to 12 a.m . the coldness, the fear, nausea and panic attacks, in addition to tiredness. I goes with hot water with lemon or lime and salt and prayers , Psalms 124, 30 and 130. Tell satan these three Psalms and cover all your children with these Psalms. The sun is Orange in the afternoon or white light in the morning not sun colors as before NASA or CERN the sun color of light bulbs that is to send waves to our mind. Jesus said run from Jerusalem when surrounded.

  3. You may not see this pastor Paul and Heide and everyone that loves the Lord and knows Jesus and that he die d for our sins but it's ok I just can't wait to meet you at Jesus feet and introduce myself as we all praise Jesus and God of Abraham together .

  4. I am sitting here thinking about the phrase God Bless America. What happened to God Bless Asia, God Bless Europe, God Bless all other countries. The whole world is the children of God.
    The Lord God deserves all our praise and glory.
    We serve a awesome mighty God that wants to bless each and everyone of us but we as a world have turned our backs on Him. Thank God for TJFM, Caleb Ministry, and all other groups, churches of the world that proclaim the name of Jesus Christ and worship Him in truth.
    God loves us so much He gave His only begotten son that bled, was bruised for our iniquities and died on that Cross then arose from the dead on the third day.
    But Jesus Christ still loves each and everyone on this earth even though the world is lost. But thank God for the fruitful that keeps His commandments and loves Him, is a witness for Him and not ashamed to mention the name above all names, Jesus Christ.
    What a mighty God we serve. I love my Saviour.
    This dying world needs Jesus more than ever.
    Pray for our world and our leaders. Amen

  5. Mr. Begley once had a real gift for packing a lot of information into a short length video. I really miss those. They were especially helpful for those who don't have the luxury of sifting through a two hour marathon. Is there a condensed version?

  6. Oh MY GOSH YA’ll!!! I was on the Temple Mount last Tuesday, December 10th in the morning time and Yahudah Glick came up to us and said “We love you guys! Where are you from?” I said Texas! He said “TEXAS!” Then he came up to our pastor and asked him for a business card which he didn’t have. Yahudah gave our pastor his card and then Yahudah turned around and took his cell phone and took several photos with all of us with himself in the picture (like a selfie) and while he was doing that he quoted Psalm 118:24!!! Police were right there! I GOT IT ALL ON VIDEO!!! Turns out Yahudah was harassed shortly after by the Temple Mount police telling him “Everything here is Muslim!” Yahudah was asked to leave so things did not escalate. That particular policeman was arrested and suspended for one week from work. That’s all I could find on the incident. There is a video of the guy harassing him online. Obviously this happened soon after he met with us!! Amazing stuff I tell ya!!

  7. Can somebody help me? Isn't the Antichrist supposed to head up the "covenant with many" and also the "peace deal"? Why aren't we mentioning Jared Kushner and his role as he was sent out to roll out this deal to Arab and Israel leaders?

  8. Thank you Pastor Paul for singing us your song…our hearts are broken tonight because of what the democrats/rinos have done to America, our homeland. This is a sad day but Jehovah God put President Trump in office as our President and only HE can remove him from office, not the democrats.

  9. Are you serious, are you serious it's look like your hero Donald Trump will be impeach today and I am very happy about that so just accept and take this serious, you heard it here first folks.

  10. People wake up, believed it or not in 2012 started the tribulation, 2019 end of 7 years of tribulation, next year you have 1000 years of peace and healing good benevolent ET and ARCHANGEL will bring healing machine to hell the people of the earth .I'm Angel of peace here on earth now telling you the truth. Get ready .

  11. Merry Christmas, peace on earth, Hallelujah good tidings on earth, abundance, no more control of Satan here on earth, freedom for the humanity, 40 billion earth Angel came down here to help the humanity. I'm Angel of peace here on earth now telling you the truth.

  12. Wake up people dec. 25 the bad ET and the bloodline of Satan and evil people will be suck out of this matrix and the new heaven and new earth is coming in 2020. A 1000 years of peace people wake up. Dont be left behind I'm Angel of peace here on earth now telling you the truth.

  13. Yes 2020 the beginning of 1000 years of peace, 40 billion earth Angel born in a human flesh are here to bring peace on earth. You are not the only one live here , other aliens good and bad are here on earth , you better wake up people. 40 billions earth Angel's are bringing new heaven and new earth in 2020 no more war if your not in the new earth you will experience war and chaos then you are left behind. I'm Angel of peace here on earth now telling you the truth.


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