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  1. Amen brother. Its nice to hesr a good point of view, a good Christian who knows the difference between the flesh and spirit and still be honest about your own feelongs on this stuff. Keep up the good work.

  2. When l was a child in the 50's and 60's l thought God was a monster to destroy this beautiful wonderful world filled with polite happy families and communities that never even had locks on their doors…70 years later l despair . Now, l marvel at His love and patience with our disgusting degraded and mentally morally sick species.

  3. and I just got to say Tama I love it brother that you're willing to run into the Titanic and Shake people up and say what the hell up cuz the boat is sinking that's awesome you are my brother you are in my prayers always God bless you

  4. In my opinion we must stand up and fight fight back. Because if we don't we will never be free the Christians in this country will be taken out like in some of the muslim country's.

  5. Check out Byron Searle on BlogSpot. God has been talking to him and he writes it down. Mike444 on You Tube reads the stuff Byron writes. Scary stuff.


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