This is a Prophecy from Jesus for the 2016 Presidential Election. These are two dreams I had on one timeline. The beginning is Obama during his first presidency and the second dream is 2016-2017. These two dreams are combined here on one timeline.



  1. It's a year later and WOW just WOW!
    God not only chose his and his chosen people's President. He made Barry Allen 7771 our real NEWS. GOD IS SO GOOD+* Such a creative, Genius ~ Praise, God!

  2. No one on GOD"s Green EARTH can tell me that it's OK for Trump to be our President. This person is OUT to HURT a LOT of people!!!! I am one!!!! So if you tell me to accept it and roll over and move on… TRUMP WILL NEVER EVER BE MY PRESIDENT!!!!!!! I am a single mother… he is seriously out to HURT many people and children. You trying to tell me that it's ok for this man to do this…and I'm suppose to be ok with this… there is some thing REALLY wrong with you!!!!

  3. Trump did win!!! thank you Jesus. The world ruler's and our own government is so afraid of him. Donald will help get our country great again, with the help of God. We will be glorious, and admired by all foreign governments. Right now, we are the laughing stock of the world.

  4. I pray your right,And today I feel no matter who I voted for I'm gonna praise & praise the Divine with in Donald Trump & all who run/deal w/our govenrment,country so everyone has the best life possible….I pray the Divine makes Donald great in his heart & mind to help lead us to be great humans collectively again in the World as well as America,Your dream was on point Mr.Trump is President….God bless this & every Country w/ the spirit of cooperation,compassion,prosperity,love as the spirit of God works in,as & through every being for the greater good for all……..}i{

  5. You guys are completely out of your minds with these prophecies. If you're hearing voices and having hallucinations, check yourselves into a psych ward ASAP. Try thinking for yourselves for once!!!

  6. this sounds like what you have above

    HERE IS THAT WORD FROM SEPT 24: 9/24/2016

    A Word for America:

    AMERICA: You are coming into a time of EXPOSURE and DISLCOSURE!

    Hillary Clinton will be on crutches. Her right foot or toe shall have a problem. Her nickname shall be:
    The Walking Wounded.

    Don’t worry about Obama signing all these deals to take away the pledge, to take the Internet to the UN. God will bring all this back and undo all he ever did. His plans shall unravel right before his eyes!

    Obama has been like the bully who knocked the nice kid down and now America has a black eye and many bruises. But the kid learns from his errors and starts to work out and get stronger. Then the bully is defeated and disgraced.

    Obama: the Lord says you are a BULLY who has used your BULLY PULPIT to lie, cheat, deceive and allow mass murder of MY PEOPLE. You have done far many more evil things than people would believe. Now they will believe.

    Starting today, your evil ways will come forth in the media! Your secrets SHALL be brought into the light!
    You shall be brought into derision!

    Everything you have done shall go away and be like a bad dream. America shall wake up from this dream and laugh at your silly, evil lies!

    This is the time of EXPOSURE and DISLCOSURE! I will expose the secrets of the kings and disclose the secret plans of the highest evil men who have been kept in secret by a media who is not seeking truth, but who has instead propped up and covered up for the evil men of our time!

    Nothing in darkness shall not be brought into the light!
    The secrets of famous people shall come forth!

    New whistle blowers shall release cell phone videos.
    Obama has done many secret evil things. Even in the Whote House! They shall all come out.. He shall be held in disgrace! He shall even try to hide at the United Nations! He will speak to empty seats!

    Donald Trump shall be the next president of the United States.

    His enemies shall be like Haman. They shall stumble and fall.

    America, Donald Trump shall extend my scepter to you at just the right time. You shall rise up and touch it and begin to reach for greatness again! You shall have a new prosperity and a new revival!

    EVEN NOW, I am releasing the winds of my Spirit! It shall start small, and then grow and grow and grow! There shall be so many miracle reports that even the news media will not be able to hide it!

    Alabama shall be on fire! Las Vegas shall see my move! The city of Sin shall have contention centers full of desperate hungry people wanting miracles!

    The ANSWERED PRAYER REVIVAL shall spring forth with many incurable people suddenly being healed! People shall testify before the media wearing head wraps from serious brain injuries healed!

    America my angels are releasing the flood-gates of the river of God!

    In Christ

    Alan Brooks

  7. well it would take a miracle for trump to win! and if he loses, i will refer back to this video to beat on you! but if he wins, then imma subscribe to your channel!


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