UPDATE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOWkF9hULRg
~this is a 4-minute video confirming my prophetic dream in 2011/12 by Godly people the last 2 days Please go to it for proof.

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And this prophecy is awesome as well… good Bible references.

Prophetic Dreams of Donald Trump. Why God crafted Donald Trump for this position, why he needs to win. And that God will not let the minions cheat us this time around.Trump is fighting the democrats, the media, and the elite.
This is one of my many prophetic dreams I have had in my life. This one, like Mark Taylor, addresses Trump being President, crafted by God for a time like this. I too had this dream 5 years ago… but a time marker inserted I believe by God made it clear this dream was for THIS election. And the things in this dream 5 years ago, did not start happening until this last year. Sorry about the blood pressure cuff in the background my daughter is in health care and left this behind. It was my first ever movie upload and I should have paid more attention to the background.



  1. A note about many Godly people sharing their prophecy from the Lord during this election season… including my dream…
    “When all this comes true – and it surely will – then they will know that a prophet has been among them.” (Ezek. 33:33).

    I have had many dreams from God and they have come true. In all cases except this one I posted, I only told my friends and family. Because of social media and that I had this dream years ago, and that a commenter realized I shared this prophecy 40 days before the election, says a lot. God works mysteriously and sometimes with numbers in my dreams.
    It was frightening to me to share these things God showed me publicly, and still a little confused as to the interpretation of part I.
    However, this verse among many is God sharing that if someone claims to have a prophecy from the Lord and it comes to pass, then that word was from the Lord. I never doubted God's word ONCE, only struggled with the interpretation with part I.. wish I could have gotten some help, or perhaps it is still to come to pass.
    I was terrified to share my dreams publicly.. but family had faith through the years that God gives me accurate words throughout time. Thanks for letting me share it with you.

  2. I was raised in a small city where we walked and worked hand in hand with Mexicans! they were o peaceful wonderful people and they did not like ooen borders! they who came over the border illegally are breaking the law and need to go back. I agree Trump IU s here for the last chance for the final downward trend of humanity. they become far more evil than animals. Trump will win and although it will not be full recovery , it will be a final gathering of God's people and those who are not currently saved to come to Jesus! great word and vision sister!

  3. Obama is not THE antichrist, but, has 'the spirit of the antichrist'. Even Jesus told his followers back in his day 'the spirit of the antichrist' was among them. The spirit of the antichrist promotes anything that is opposite of the holy word and the truth of Jesus as lord and savior and GOD incarnate.

  4. Wonderful,, I truly believe in your words, and know something is coming.. God has given Trump fearlessness within the Luciferian devils den. May he be protected by all of the Angels God can bring upon his shoulders.. May The Trump-Pence Blow…. ;-0)

  5. Thank you so much for this video. It is POWERFUL. it gave me confirmation in many ways. I was having warn dreams for a while & now they have stopped. I prayed & ask what do I do with these dreams, but still not sure. I love giving a prophetic word or word of wisdom & knowledge when the Father gives them to me. I pray protection & blessings over you & your family.😇

  6. Obama is simply "an" antichrist. Not, the Antichrist… For, there will be many antichrists (1 John 2:18). But, only one Antichrist. He will not be revealed until after the church is first removed from the earth. (2 Thessalonians 2:3-7)

  7. In a rare move in the Christian community
    of America, Christianity Today, the Christian Magazine founded by Billy
    Graham, made a public stand against the Republican presidential
    nominee, Donald Trump, citing instruction from Bible Scriptures.
    The executive editor Andy Crouch, wrote an
    editorial that boldly called out the sinful lifestyle of the
    billionaire politician. Crouch says, “There is hardly any public person
    in America today who has more exemplified the ‘earthly nature’ … that
    Paul urges the Colossians to shed: ‘sexual immorality, impurity, lust,
    evil desires, and greed, which is idolatry’ (Col. 3:5). This is an
    incredibly apt summary of Trump’s life to date.”
    “That Trump has been, his whole adult
    life, an idolater of this sort, and a singularly unrepentant one,” he
    continued, “should have been clear to everyone.”
    Crouch declared, “He is the very embodiment of what the BIBLE calls a fool.”
    Crouch also included some bold correction and
    instruction pointed directly at the American Christian community;
    “Evangelicals, of all people, should not be silent about Donald Trump’s
    blatant immorality.”
    Scriptures instruct believers on how to engage
    in the rebuke of those claiming to be a Christian, who elect to
    continue engaging in sin; I Tim 5:20, "Those who are sinning REBUKE IN
    THE PRESENCE OF ALL that the rest also may fear."
    Crouch reminded followers of Jesus, “Just
    because we are (politically) neutral, however, does not mean we are
    indifferent. We are especially not indifferent when the Gospel is at
    stake. The Gospel is of infinitely greater importance than any
    “There is a point at which strategy
    becomes its own form of idolatry — an attempt to manipulate the levers
    of history in favor of the causes we support,” writes Crouch. “Strategy
    becomes idolatry, for ancient Israel and for us today, when we make
    ALLIANCES with those who seem to offer strength — the chariots of
    Egypt, the vassal kings of Rome — at the expense of our dependence on
    God who judges all nations,…"
    Was it right for Christianity Today to publicly challenge Donald Trump's corrupt and sinful ways?
    John the Baptiser openly rebuked Herod.
    Jesus/Yahshua openly rebuked false and
    hypocritical religious leaders who followed lies rather than obeying
    Scripture, calling them children of the Devil.
    Yahshua's disciples openly disputed against
    self-righteous religious Jews who rejected the righteousness Yahshua
    offers to those who repent.
    Paul disputed openly against Helenists and their corrupt ways and beliefs.
    Clearly, boldly challenging error, FALSE
    BELIEFS, sinful lifestyles and unrepentant sinners who call themselves
    Christians is very Biblical.
    (Note: this article is no way in support of
    Hillary Clinton who was discovered lying about ILLEGAL top secret
    e-mails, and whose husband, Bill Clinton, was charged with RAPE by
    three different women.)

  8. Hi from UK. I have been praying for Donald since last year. It's true. They are trying to destroy him. Please let us pray for him and this election that it be not stolen. It can't be. He loves the US and has spoken up for the Church, including persecuted Christians and Israel. What this corrupt media is doing is diabolical.They will stop at nothing and don't care if they tell outright lies. I trust Our Lord to deliver the White House to Donald. He is fighting for the right reasons. This is good vs evil, David vs Goliath, but David overcame by his God. May it be so. God Bless from UK God Bless the US and God Bless Mr Trump.

  9. I pray your prophecy is correct. I've been praying for this. Thank you for sharing. I found myself saying to someone that if Hillary gets elected I hope we get nuked right away because that would not hurt as much as living in our country after Hillary destroys it and us. I shutter to think of our wonderful country being taken apart and destroyed after all the blood that was shed to make it what it use to be. Our freedoms will be taken away. The open borders and the disaster from that. Too much to list.. God help us, please!
    BTW, I did enjoy this. Great personality and pleasant voice and comforting voice you have. 🙂

  10. God Bless You , I'm a God miracle worker and yes Trump was chosen , from what I know , they will try to rig the election so we got to stay together , subscribe to my channel so you know what I'm about , will need you along with other prayer warriors when certain things will happen when it comes to Trump , group prayer is extremely effective when focus on a pacrticualr thing like rigged elections , as for trying to knock him off , that won't happen , there around a few million people praying for his protection especially in India and Isreal so he's safe on that count , but the other things we got to focus on. Check out Dan Ban music too on my channel , very enlighting spriual rock , Im the best , Ha Ha !!!

  11. Thank you for sharing your dream! At day 40 of election count down, God impressed  upon me to fast the last 40 days. Fast for Trump. Pray protection and binding the enemies plans to stop the election. I'm praying Ephesians 1:17-18 over Trump and Pence every time I desire a coffee, Pepsi, any snack! They're getting blasted!! Tonight was the 2nd debate. I did'nt watch it, I interceded. Christians need to remember that we can't judge by our eyes, God knows his heart, Please agree with me that God will bring him to a place of repentance and be broken and contrite before God. Bless you.

  12. Holy Hallelujah….. Step back from your own understanding!

    What you Saw & Heard is Ezekiel 8, Acts 5…..

    Long ago the Lord gave me the same Revelation as the Child standing at my Mothers side who did not drink of the abomination at the Gates of Hades or Saint Peters Gate!!!!

    Those who drank, went mad with Blood Lust after entering or crossing through the Gates!

    The Lord has blessed you with a vision of the Battle within the Church!

    No need to agree or disagree….. for you shall see the manifestation of this battle of calling Good Evil, Evil Good!!!!

    Ezekiel Dug to reveal the DOOR!!!

    Holy, Holy, Holy Hallelujah

  13. Thank u Susie. That was very enlightening. I am having dreams of Trump as a father figure. I can feel it Susie. I love him like a father… I am a black, legalized female millenial, & a Christian. I literalky feel the armies of heaven ready to go to war for us… We are blessed. Jesus is king of kings, & this is his king for all of America. GOD bless Mr. Trump. I am praying like I have never prayed to prevent global terror.


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