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  1. Pastor Paul if you were to go watch (That Impossible Channel) on there they caught some kind of smoke coming from the Ground and I believe that it's what you call it a Harbinger and I believe that you will find the rest of the video interesting 😇God bless😇

  2. Stop spreading propaganda the countries suffering from food shortages is because of the sancttions put against them for not bowing down to the US demand, the trouble in the middle east is because of American and Israel, according to the book of revelations after the devil and his angels are put in the pit for a thousand years and God rules for that time the devil is released from the pit and goes to war with God and that's when the world will be destroyed so if the thousand yrs is God's time which equals a day in God time is a thousand yrs our time we have quite along wait. If Jesus died for our sins why do people have to pray for forgiveness?

  3. This is just my opinion i think where he says they come in my name i think that is them preaching the. Wrong stuff i do see a lot of that going on now no one take me wrong im not saying this preacher is

  4. Utube has gone to the too far. Christians we need to ban this platforms, as fellow brothers and sisters good messages like this pastor bringing Gods word to us, monitored and de monetized however I just unknowingly watched a vid, that used Gods name in vain! Yes..openly said it against Trump yet it stays up.. I think we are there folks!

  5. The pope wears upon his pontifical crown in jeweled letters, this title: "Vicarius Filii Dei", "Viceregent of the Son of God"; the numerical value of which title is just six hundred and sixty-six. The most plausible supposition we have ever seen on this point is that here we find the number in question. It is the number of the beast, the papacy; it is the number of his name, for he adopts it as his distinctive title; it is the number of a man, for he who bears it is the "man of sin".[35]

  6. Prepare the Way for the Messiah, He will Pray to our Father for us to have His Spirit, make a Home Within us, and be our Teacher, and Comforter, Forever, in the Bible book of John, chapter 14, verse 26… Peters Witness of John, chapter 14 is Acts, chapter 5, verse 32… The Spirit of Truth, is the Greatest Teacher in the Universe… Immanuel… God With Us Peace

  7. I’m concerned about all this coming up! So many people are complacent and not watching or listening! I’ve felt like I won’t see death but will be raptured. But I see “Christians” not caring for the homeless the sick and hungry the needy and it wounds my spirit. What does it take? These “Christians” are happy just going to church but no fruit is there. I see it in my own family and it’s breaking my heart. My grandson is homeless in Colorado Springs where it’s cold, staying in a shelter now and has mental health issues. His other grandparents won’t help him and they call themselves Christians!!!! He’s in Colorado and I’m in Arizona. He’s on probation and not allowed to leave the state or he’d be in Arizona. Anyway, pray for this lost sheep! He turned 20 in November and was homeless then! I’m 66and in a wheelchair. I’m widowed 2 years ago. I’ve been helping him the best I can but he needs to meet up with a godly man or woman who will lead him back to Christ. Please pray for us !! My financial situation isn’t the best but I give what I can so he’s taken care of. Jesus, let Matt see you and let him know that even though he has nothing that he can be richer than most just by following Christ and rededicate his soul and not to look back!


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