1. Because of this prophecy I'm glad and happy with 1000 others and in Jesus name he will rule the 5yrs no matter what pples say God knows what his doing… thanks prophetess God bless you

  2. Men and women of God, please pray for the nation. Pray also for the divided church. The Holy Spirit is an author of confusion. If the church falters, this time around, it will have 5 years of persecution

  3. For real, We are now confused, Every prophet is saying their own things, others say it's Ruto, others it's Raila, others are even saying Raila will collapse and Die before the election, who is telling the truth, God Please Guide US

  4. Ask the Lord again for confirmation, beware of spirits that lied to Ahab so that he could go to ramoth Gilead and meet with his death, and remember that lying spirit was allowed by God to so.

  5. Good evening Sister Sainab, I have a long testimony about the transformation on my own life and we share it one day. Thank you for your word from our heavenly father, He wants us to be separated from the world this includes make up and many more. Just sharing out of love, may our father choose the next Kenyan president.

  6. Many prophecy coming around some say odinga others say ruto….I gess the best thing is vote for the one you prefer and wait for the will of God after the results are out …..thn we will say thn God has decided

  7. However true this prophecy is, the manner and time of discharge are wrong. God, in order not to destabilise Kenya further would use indications. Secondly, the timing is very suspicious. It is an indication of a choice that has already been made. The change of heart would have been fully explained by God.
    Much as I respect prophecies, I choose to ignore some.

  8. I have watched many prophecies but yours is different…God can never give us a non believer as president..i tottaly disagree with you….this is your thoughts not prophecy.

  9. The reason i respect this prophesy from the others is bcz the other so called prophets talk abt the life & death of a certain politician which is very wrong & somehow disturbing. This is lovely feel God bless

  10. Ruto did not fail in the nominations he got cleared today and he has not tried going independent at all….we leave all in God's hands,I will vote for whoever I am convicted of and am sure it will be the voice of God that will guide me ….

  11. Where can we get a natural servant of the Most High God who can tell people the truth. Without siding with their tribal kings-men . God is God na ha confuse the community. Otherwise nyamazeni tungojee the Will of God to be done. Yes

  12. The Lord searches the hearts of men, may the he give us the one that he pleases, so many prophecies have been spoken by very powerful men of God, some are saying Ruto and actually most of them, now this one for Raila, but no one knows like our God, may his will be done…….. 🙏🙏🙏

  13. Thanks for sharing God bless you, am not always interested in politics but is like we are on the same page because after I did my morning prayers at around yesterday I also so the same vision that some people were celebrating that the same person you said has come the president. But for I didn't even ask God to tell me what always do is to pray for our leaders and my country, anyway let's continue praying for them and wait and GOD's will be done 🙏


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