Prophecy Update End Times News Headlines – 3/12/19

A fast-paced highlight and review of the major news stories and headlines that relate to Bible Prophecy and the End Times…

All the signs of the last days are converging at the same time. Bible Prophecy is happening right before our eyes and like birth pains, the predicted events are happening more frequently and more intently. Never, in the history throughout the world have so many forces, including economic, scientific, techno-logic, ecologic, cultural, geopolitical, moral, spiritual and religion, converged together to bring this world that’s already teetering over the edge into the abyss, to a point of no return. Jesus said when you see all these signs happening, know that I am near, even at the door.

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  1. I think it's just man following the bible and making the prophecy come true, everything so far is just replying revelation, nothing godly about that, even the weather is controlled

  2. I do not trust in man, however God uses his people to teach truth, of course we must back it up ourselves with the Holy Spirit in us as we read the word of God, believe me I trust no person, however I can discern who is off on their teachings. Amir Tsarfati is Jewish by birth and Christian by rebirth, he was also in the army in Israel and a major. There are certain people that you just know the Holy Spirit is speaking through them

  3. We are able to PRAY to our Creator Father at all times in all circumstances. Although our Savior counsels us to pray privately and without vain repetitions we can talk with him in our minds at all times. May our Holy Heavenly Father forbid that humans develop the ability to read our minds because without that ability we can talk [pray] to our Father even as we engage in other activities like driving, working, playing, and any activity. Some conversations [prayers] are best suited in the privacy of our homes on our faces in abject humility and pleading with our Creator Father. As artificial intelligence [AI] gains momentum in the area of facial recognition it will become even more important to control our facial muscles–muscles that can reveal our thoughts. We must beware of the company we keep.

  4. Jesus has already arrived as a thief in the night late last year! Jesus is currently at WORLDWIDE war with the anti-Christ, which are all persons, organizations, GOVERNMENTS, RELIGIONS that are failing to take care of God's people or misrepresenting God's ministry for GREED, POWER, FAME by publicly EXPOSING their selfish ungodly behavior or destroying their corruption!!

  5. Climate change will never end, it has always been even way before the industrial revolution, climate change is just a scam and it is to cover the fact that God is trying to get human beings attention, so it looks like these women will never have children if they are waiting for the climate to stabilize, because it never will!

  6. People who produce shows like "miracle workers" have no idea of Who they are underestimating and mocking. They don't even see that their actions are a fulfillment of The Word of God about these last days. Just like in Noah's Day they will continue mocking until the day when The Lord shuts "The Door" of their only means of escape and their mocking is turned into terror, Time is short.

  7. Keep looking up as the Lord is near. The trumpet will soon blow and we will be with the Lord forever. Wow–what hope we have. Pray for all as God'a wrath is close. God bless.

  8. Go right on ahead and attack Israel!



  9. Headlines continue to reflect prophecy unfolding! These are the days we studied all our lives about, scripture coming alive. For Believers it's exciting, we were put here for 'such a time as this'. Thank you so much for these updates, sharing it. God bless & protect you and your families. 🙏♥️🇺🇸

    , Glad to make contact.    I’m an old (70) married guy.   
    Jesus will return Prince Mahidol & his
    sons Kings Bhumibol &  Ananda to this
    world.  At my home (in Thailand) in order
    to direct attention to and confirm the message of:     )<—Read it !

    “those who wait upon the Lord (I’m waiting) shall renew
    their strength;  they shall mount up with
    wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary…”  Isaiah 40:31   

    A season of MORE "signs and wonders" will commence. 
    Thailand will become Jesus's "burning bush" 
    (emanating truth and indestructible) nation.

    All sane people want to be blessed.
    Real blessing comes from Jesus.
    Want to get all the blessing from Jesus that is available ?
    Over 40 years ago I was led to a gold mine.
    Getting gold out it every day. If were a common gold mine, I'd keep the location secret and keep all the gold for myself.
    But it's a special supernatural gold mine.
    For every person I can be used to get them to come and get gold out of this mine, I get some extra gold.
    So, I point out this gold mine to one and all ….
    Just one requirement to get gold out of this mine.
    Ya gotta believe the following:

    “BLESSED is he who reads and those who hear the words of this
    prophecy, and keep those things which are written in it;  for the time is near"
    Revelation 1:3

    OK, I wasn't talking about earthly gold.
    I was talking something much more valuable. BLESSING.
    Get it while the gettins good

    Revelation 13->forward reveals soul saving blessing conveying
    information regarding OUR end of era scenario found nowhere else.

    Globalist (“elites”) are top level minions of Satan, the “god of this world.”   
    Globalist human kingpin is the pope
    Globalist had POTUS minions for decades
    Globalist have Trillions of $ with which to bribe
    Globalist have files on everybody that is anybody
    Globalist have death squads
    Globalist have access to all kinds of weapons
    Globalist have CIA – FBI minion.
    Globalist have MSMedia minion
    Globalist are creating the One World Government
    Globalist One World Government is ordained to come to be.
    Globalist have planned for decades
    Globalist will bring down Trump and the Nationalist and end “sovereign” USA and end the “sovereign” nations of Europe. 
    Globalist will have nukes used to end the current world order.

    See Vatican’s FAZZINI sculpture named “Christ rising from crater of nuke blast”

    See St John the Divine Cathedral “sinister sites”

    Revelation 13->forward reveals soul saving blessing conveying information regarding OUR end of era scenario found nowhere else.

    I post on FB & Twitter.
    Condensed account of my personal life is on my John Prewett FB page  (“About – Life Events”).

    btw: Ladies:  It’s come to my attention that a significant faction of women are looking for special good man.  
    I’m not husband nor bf material, however,   I'm waiting to be empowered as per Isaiah 40:31.   After I'm empowered I'll quickly be surrounded
    and in unity with many newly empowered servants of Jesus.  Many will be young and male.   Many females will want to serve Jesus with
    them.   Females will specialize in bearing witness (including by electronic means) to the healing and rejuvenation work Jesus will be doing.  
    “Love one another” “Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty”  
    ……  think this over ……….

  11. Syria says they are going to attack Israel if they don't leave the Golan Heights. Israel will not be able to defend itself without the Golan Heights. If Syria strikes Israel, Israel will respond with force causing Isaiah 17:1 prophecy to come to pass and the destruction of Damascus will be reported in every newspapers, on every website, and on news all over the world. Every Bible prophecy of God's Word that hasn't yet come to pass will come to pass. I guarantee you that.

    If you read the whole prophecy of Isaiah 17:1, it says Damascus will cease being a city, that the walls of the city are going to burn. When do masonry and stone walls burn? The prophecy also says that there will only be flocks and no people left in Damascus. That would be what we would call a Hiroshima Nagasaki event.

    Netanyahu is pushing for US's recognition of the Golan Heights to emphasize the importance of the region for Israel's security. It is important for Israel to defend themselves against their enemies and against all who seek Israel's destruction. The Arab states surrounding Israel are enemies of God. Why enemies of God? First, they deny that Jesus died on the Cross. Second, they deny Jesus is the Son of God. Third, they deny He rose again from the dead. They deny God's truth. When you deny God's truth, that will make you the enemy of God.

    Jesus said in John 3:18 if you do not know the begotten Son of God, you are condemned already. Does that sound like someone who will be heading for Heaven? Yet many on the planet deny that Jesus is the Son of God.


    Isaiah 17:1 New American Standard Bible (NASB) ~ Prophecy about Damascus
    “Behold, Damascus is about to be removed from being a city
    and will become a fallen ruin."

    John 3:18 New King James Version (NKJV) ~ 18 “He who believes in Him (=Jesus Christ) is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God."

  12. Brothers//Sisters persecution of our brothers//sisters are getting worse all
    over the world it won't be long until it reaches us in western countries were
    we will not be able to use our bibles and attacks on all the churches start
    we must all pray for all those being persecuted and ask the LORD to send
    them strength and courage to stay strong in their Faith and not waver to
    the enemies persecution I pray for all of them as well as all my brothers
    and sisters everywhere that we remain strong and that the LORD sends
    us all strength, courage and endurance and lifts us up in the spirit and all
    remember that Our LORD is always with us all and will never abandon nor
    forsake us and love to all and GOD BLESS each and everyone of you all

  13. To my own understanding.. when the Bible speaks of Israel.. it's referring to His children (the 12 Tribes which are made up of many different people spread upon the whole Earth); not the place itself. And when the New Jerusalem is built; it will be built up by His children.. we are the living stones (the body of Christ). So these Wars, and rumors of Wars really mean nothing. It's the Spiritual War that we should focus on. Bring yourselves out of this World! It's a fictional stage, and the curtain will soon open up for all to see. Peace be with You!!

  14. Perilous times are definitely here, God help us all. The world is going down the toilet fast. Is the pope a Christian ? Should an organisation like the Catholic Church be So wealthy..I thought Christians were supposed to believe in the bible, and that God created all men equal..Some are wealthy through the luck of the draw..Others by hard work..Others by diabolical means..Should the Catholic Church be looking after unfortunate peoples of the world, not hoarding wealth..The problem is that a lot of so called Christians place themselves above others..Pride and arrogance is of the Devil..So what is the Catholic Church ? How can the pope entertain all these other so called religions..When you die you can’t take any possession with you.. Thanks for the videos. God bless you and your family and all brothers and sisters in Christ,

  15. Things will get worse until the Lords 2nd coming, but I believe the rapture is just around the corner. Things are happening so fast that it's hard to keep up . Prophesy is indeed unfolding before our very eyes.

  16. Worry not about things one can not change…. for what has been written so shall it be done….STAND STRONG IN GOD THE FATHER AND GOD THE FATHER SHALL STAND STRONG WITH US….


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