Prophecy Update End Times News Headlines – 9/10/20

Don’t Miss The Rapture – It Could Happen Any Moment!

God’s End Time Alarm Clock is Going Off

It’s Later Than You Think… Time is Short!

A fast-paced highlight and review of the major news stories and headlines that relate to Bible Prophecy and the End Times…

All the signs of the last days are converging at the same time. Bible Prophecy is happening right before our eyes and like birth pains, the predicted events are happening more frequently and more intently. Never, in the history throughout the world have so many forces, including economic, scientific, techno-logic, ecologic, cultural, geopolitical, moral, spiritual and religion, converged together to bring this world that’s already teetering over the edge into the abyss, to a point of no return. Jesus said when you see all these signs happening, know that I am near, even at the door.

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    perhaps to light back in 1986, possibly even earlier.

  2. Lucy, my Drag B*tch LUCIFER, Jude: 9 Devil sucking Dragon. ''Satan but a title'' Jude: 4 DETHRONED Rev.12: 13 12:4 Tail @ CERN: @ rev.17: 16 : Todays Sci. Fic. is Yesterdays Reality Ecc.1: 10 D.I.A.'s Spirit of '76' U.S. Army 24th Inf./ Hunter A.A.F. runway 16: 16 Jer. Way Sav. Ga. 'Victory Div. First to Fight'' 1/7/18 COVERT INTERNATIONAL DEFCON 1 ~as of Day one Impeachment= All actions fall under oversight of Military Court. Senate and Congress are now part of investigation : Good guys have to be better @ being bad. All who, why, for Any ''Don't Ask, Don't Tell'', M.I.A. Dirt Naps of past. They only can connect the dots. Dan.7 Bear PUTIN first show all 1 world orders, Order of Satan. Beast of an Obama-nation System. France Office of Dragon and Catholic Intelligence Agency by design sense Friday the 13th 1307 Israel todays office co. all high technology. made in China. $ Bank of POPE NASA Church of Scientology +++ Rev.12:4 Tail CERN: All Eyes on Cue! Q ~*~ Eye of I's rev.1: 7 @ Isa.45: 2 +Q surnamed final Head Trump Card Q+ Mat.23: 39 Tail of the Lamb's Lamb of the Lambs. Rev.10:*7* Isa.42~53~59: 19 Hosea 11: 10 Father God as my witness Col.1: 15 / REV.4: 11 Jesus once his name Rev.22: 18 Law of support 20 years Rev.14: 3 with D.I.A. U.S. Army Hunter 'Line upon line, Precept upon precept, Here a little, there a little as foretold ~ Bush sr.~ JOHN KERRY took the ball, still holds the ball: A Hunter Calling Lucifer, the Satan Jude:9 Devil Sucking Dragon, Lucy my Bitch: EZK.33: 22 when Promise @ Rev.22: 18 states I'd been a blind, crippled, death mute, faster than Lazarus could get his dead ass to his feet. ''View Point Satellite'' ACTS 1: 11 in a CLOUD near you www. CUE~ map. pub The End rev.22: 19 Is/Was the One Unforgivable Sin. call God's Promise a Lie! Death and Life is in the power of the Tongue: <their creator well help them~ Got a Light ? only you can prevent your Spirits Fire~ All Star End Game Play! ~*!*~ A psycho analysis is the primary study of ones ego in relationship to their reality; The Experience one Creates is a statement of who they are and who they wish to be. Michael/Elijah. Isa.18: 4 Jer.30:10 Clifton. The D.I.A.'s Covert Spirit of '76' Victory Div. First to fight: U.S. Army 24th Inf. / Hunter A.A.F runway 16: 16 Jer. way Sav. Ga. Due to going Undercover the Day I Said I Do, Indeed: and made the Vow to God and Bride: All will Show Common Sense or Nonsense for the ones Father has found not worthy as foretold : No coincidence in the universe, only a grand design of Emotion, the pulsating emotion in motion for *LIGHT is conscious, She is our Husband. God is our Father of all creations. Jesus once the name: Q ~ anon Drops & POTUS Tweets ACTS 1: 11 ''View Point Satellite'' in a CLOUD near you. Rev.14: 3 This Songs you You! playing lee co. time 5/15/147 Thunders =7 souls same spirit. Abel/Enoch Black fold of 2 folds, all terrain smart haired original sons ~White {Cain Gen.4: 15~cross in forehead with thumb nail in fight Aug./01 on 9/11 mission. Blonde haired} then white Jacob/DAVID Elijah/John Created ~Lightning~Lk.10: 18~ Mat:11: 11,14 & 23:39 If Father had appeared face to face with Mary as a blonde haired blue eyed as I before going White from Wisdom Earned. Jesus would had been saying Mary control your self! your hugging to tight with those legs Mary, Mary! common sense when all things foretold us. Other two as witness, not until breaking bread once more; Cued in yet and light on CUE ? An old Soldier of God's Country, Land of our NATIVITY gave Jacob, God had ESPIED to send all, yet Moses was Buried here JUDE: 9 Do follow the Mayflower 10 PAC of the BOOK seen held High on the beach to the SPIPIT in the Sky by the Indians and All Laws, Statutes, and Rules of engagement that do follow the 10 commandments of the Basic Instructions; Before Leaving Earth: Bible: ~*~ All Know it is every person's God-Given and/or Common sense social obligation to correct any wrong if and when it is in their power to do so. Regardless of who it may Help or Hinder. To an old soldier, Good guys have to be better @ being bad. <=*Putin: Forgive your enemies,<=J.F.K*. yet never forget their name nor where they sleep:~* One World Order, only works in two places. Heaven where it's not necessary, and Hell where it's a necessity<=Reagan*NOW Putin first to say. One World Order, the Order of Satan: Once one sees they have been working for the wrong guy, that Soldier Will Turn on that guy Or Die: US-50~401~2-208 now in reverse. Sleeper Cells as parasite's on society once may have got a family Insured out, or a {Don't Ask, Don't Tell} M.I.A. Dirt Nap: To know the Basic Directions, is to know where it all Drops: Lk.22: 36 / Rev.16: 15 / Joel 3: 10 Michael/Elijah James 4: 4 C.R.=8 new beginnings: I Am, That I Am God! are not you too stupid? as Jesus said .John 10: 34 Ps.82: 6 ZEC.12: 8 in the test of life to be found Trustworthy of God's Complete and Unconditional Love for >CREATING< by the personality you created out of your old soul: If it is known as Kind, loving, understanding, giving, Nonjudgmental * heart as that of a child, With a PERFECT Hate for Evil. All others will now have that Late Term After Birth Abortion as Foretold you in the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. Bible: On Cue ~Q* Today @ Isa.19: 24 yet Isa.17: & Luke 22: 36 time to go sell your clothes and go naked to buy a gun if you have not one, as father God told you, Jesus once his name: Rev.16: 15 due Frog shit.16: 13 & Jude :4 Rev.12: 4 CERN: W W W . q m a p . p u b


  3. I go through my day getting discouraged because it seems like nobody in my “real life” seems to think anything is happening or will happening and I feel like some fringe lunatic, but then I look at this and think “how in the world are so many people missing all of this???? How is everyone so dang blind?????”

  4. For When they say, “peace and safety! sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape. 1 Thes. 5:3
    I saw peace! peace! at the beginning of this and remembered that passage. That combined with all the other events, the lawlessness, the hatred etc. The only thing not covered in this one was the sexual perversion but we know that’s there as well as the walking away from God. And that was covered in another video. He is so soon to return. It could be any day or moment. Lord, who can I share you with today?

  5. They just said govener , SHE said that"CLIMATE CHANGE" caused the 🔥 fire's. It was discovered a a couple hours ago and it's the biggest fire in Oregon history she knows climate started it. And the word she said

  6. Father please grant salvation to our unsaved loved ones and all the unsaved. Deliver those in bondage. Protect us and our loved ones. Guide us Father and help us to bear good fruit and plenty of it. Its been so tough lately for so many. So many enemy attacks but you said in your word that the battle belongs to the Lord. Please rise up Lord. We need you. Praise and glory and honor be unto you. I pray in your holy name Lord Jesus. Amen

  7. Let me tell you people out there , that first , those who call themselves BORN AGAIN SPIRIT FILLED CHRISTIANS , ( WAKE UP FROM YOUR SLEEPING ,AND BICKERING ABOUT THIS AND THAT )!!!!!
    WHY ??? : – GOD QUESTION ,




  8. Faith and Repentance comes from hearing God’s Word. Those who have an ear to hear, hear what is said. If you don’t understand how serious God is about sin, then what Jesus did on the cross will mean nothing to you. We are ALL born sinners. Sin is when we break the moral laws (10 Commandments), which we are all born with the knowledge of. God is so holy He CAN NOT let sin, not even one, go unpunished. He tells us the wages (penalty) of sin is death (hell). Here’s an example of how serious God is about sin: Let’s say you rob a bank. As you stand before a Judge guilty of your crime, he will sentence you according to the law. You can cry, apologize and plead with the Judge promising you will never do it again but you still need to be held accountable for your crime and be justly punished for it. This is the severity God will judge each and every one of us and our sins. God, not wanting anyone to perish, sent His only begotten Son, Jesus, to BE the ONLY WAY to heaven. Jesus, who knew no sin, was crucified (nailed to a cross) receiving the full penalty/wrath for all of His believer’s sins. The blood He shed washed us clean, making us without blemish or spot. His sacrifice satisfied the demands of justice so God could justly forgive all sin. The record of our sins, the indictment of guilt that had us headed for hell, was “nailed to the cross”. Through His physical death, our flesh died as well breaking the chains and bondage of sin. Sin no longer has dominion over us. Jesus suffered many stripes (scourgings/lashes). By His stripes we were healed, Spiritually. God CAN NOT dwell in man made temples and our bodies are man made temples. We needed Spiritual healing to be made a new creation, making it possible for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. For all these reasons, Jesus is our Savior. Three days later, He was resurrected (raised from the dead fully flesh and Spirit) defeating death. He is ALIVE. He ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of the Father. For these reasons, Jesus is our Lord. Here’s an example of what Jesus did for us: Let’s say you have a stack of unpaid speeding tickets. As you stand before a Judge guilty of your crimes, he will sentence you according to the law. The Judge can legally order you to pay a fine or go to jail. If your fine is paid, the Judge can rightfully let you go. Jesus paid our fine in full. When we put our faith in Christ Jesus as the One who died for our sins and rose from the dead on our behalf, the grace of God saves us. Salvation is received by grace (the love and mercy given by God) alone, through faith (faith comes from hearing God's Word) alone, in Christ (the Son of God) alone. We cannot work for our salvation nor earn it through any human merit. We receive salvation as a free gift from God. Through salvation we are Born Again, a conversion experience in which a person encounters God and is spiritually transformed. Your first birth was of the flesh, just as Adam was of the flesh. Your second birth (being Born Again) is of the Spirit, just as Jesus was born of the Spirit. Heaven and hell are very real. We are ALL going to die, with NO exceptions. Yesterday is gone, you’re in today and you’re not guaranteed tomorrow. May God bless you.

  9. Power has been given to the the man of perdition, aka antichrist, to change times and laws and perform his lying signs and wonders. And he has used this power to magically and radically change all Holy scripture. All translations in all languages along with concordances, dictionaries, encyclopedias and history books have also been changed. And it doesn't matter how old they are, even the Dead Sea scrolls! Out of the thousands of documentary films I've seen about this, the 40 in my playlist titled PROOF OF BIBLE CHANGE are some of the best for not only proof this is true, but where God warned us this was going to happen in bible prophecy. God bless you all!

  10. 🇦🇪🤝🔥🤝🇪🇺🤝🔥🤝🇮🇱🤝🔥

    We are looking at what the Bible said would be conditions that will be present when the Church Age begins to come to a close and conditions that will be present at the start of the time of Jacob's trouble! One dispensation is closing and the other is slowing coming in and we are right in the middle of the overlap between the two!

    All dispensations in the bible overlap with each other, our dispensation is ending exactly as it began in Acts 8 when it overlapped the end of the Kingdom Age.
    What we are seeing is the closing of the nearly 2,000-year old Church Age as it is overlapping with the soon-to-be-time of Jacob’s trouble.

    The "time of Jacob's trouble" comes from Jeremiah 30:7 that says, "Alas! For that day is great, so that none is like it: it is even the time of Jacob's trouble, but he shall be saved out of it" (KJV). What is this "time of distress for Jacob" (ESV)?

    In previous verses, God promised He would someday restore His people to their land, meaning the land of Israel. Despite a great time of distress for the Jewish people, the Lord would save them from it.Jeremiah 30:8-9 make it clear that this time would be a period in which God's people no longer served other masters, but would serve the Lord and "David their king, whom I will raise up for them" (v. 9).

    The imagery in the Jeremiah passage most closely resembles the predictions given by Jesus in Matthew 24. For example, Jesus called the trials that would take place among the Jewish people "the beginning of the birth pains" (v. 8). In 1 Thessalonians 5:3, Paul also describes this period by saying, "While people are saying, 'There is peace and security,' then sudden destruction will come upon them as labor pains come upon a pregnant woman, and they will not escape."

    Jacob's trouble or Jacob's distress refers to the difficulties the Jewish people will face during the seven-year tribulation period. During this time, the Jewish temple will be rebuilt, yet desecrated. The Antichrist will break a covenant and set himself up as ruler and expect to be worshiped. He will force all people to receive a mark to buy or sell goods. In addition, much war and famine will occur, with Jews fleeing Jerusalem to the mountains.

    Despite these troubles, the Lord will fulfill His promises. In addition to protecting His people, He will return in victory (Revelation 19:11-21). Following His victory, the Messiah will rule from Jerusalem in peace for1,000 years (Revelation 20:1-6). Following one last attack led by Satan, the Lord will defeat His enemies, complete His final judgment, and establish a new heavens, a new earth, and a new Jerusalem where He will dwell with His people forever (Revelation 21—22).


    📖 Isaiah 66:8 
    Who hath heard such a thing? who hath seen such things? Shall the earth be made to bring forth in one day? or shall a nation be born at once? for as soon as Zion travailed, she brought forth her children.

    Just as Isaiah 66:8 says, on May 14, 1948, Israel became a nation in “one day.”

    🎯As Jan Markel beautifully put it…Israel is God's prophectic timepiece with Jerusalem as the minute hand and the temple mount as the small hand!

    These headlines are screaming PEACE and SAFETYl!!!🔊….

    ✔Trump brokers historic Israel-UAE deal for peace and prosperity!
    ✔Trumps mid east peace success 'Akin King Solomon before Temple construction' Rabbi Glick!
    ✔UAE treaty part of a much bigger game!
    ✔After UAE🇦🇪-Israel🇮🇱 breakthrough, Kushner pushes other Arabs to go next!
    ✔Israel🇮🇱-UAE🇦🇪flight – Kushner to Arab world: 'We are all children of God'!
    ✔Pope Francis gives Emmanuel Macron his blessing and anoints Him to take the GLOBAL stage as leader of the New World Order!
    ✔Abrahamic house: The catholic muslim interfaith council created by Pope Francis announces new 'CHRISLAM' headquarters opening in 2022 that combines a mosque and church according to signed covenant!
    ✔Chrislam Abraham accord between Israel and the UAE was the missing link needed to launch Pope Francis Abrahamic faiths initiative!
    ✔Israel and UAE agreement to be signed in Washington will be designated as "peace treaty"!

    📌From Now the End Begins…


    The signing ceremony of the Abraham Accord between Israel and the UAE will take place on September 15 in Washington, the White House confirmed on Tuesday. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will represent Israel, the Foreign Affairs Minister and the crown prince’s brother, Abdullah bin Zayed will represent the UAE. “We can take it as a sign,” Jared Kushner said. “It’s an encouragement for this progress.”

    Announced on August 13, the Abraham Accord was the first such accommodation between an Arab country and Israel since the 1994 peace agreement with Jordan.

    Well, that happened fast, don’t you think? It was only a few weeks ago on August 13th that President Trump and Jared Kushner held their stunning press event to announce the Abraham Accord peace covenant between Israel and the UAE. Many prophecy watchers thought it would take months to hammer out, but in actuality only a brief 4 weeks. Things happen quick in the end times. Of course, the real ‘price’ of the Abraham Accord for Israel is giving up their oft-stated desire to annex Judea and Samaria. That’s a big one, to say the least.

    “Wherefore hear the word of the LORD, ye scornful men, that rule this people which is in Jerusalem. Because ye have said, We have made a covenant with death, and with hell are we at agreement; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, it shall not come unto us: for we have made lies our refuge, and under falsehood have we hid ourselves:” Isaiah 28:14,15 (KJB)

    No, this is not the Daniel 9:27 covenant, but it is a major if not the biggest step forward since Israel was regathered back in 1948. You can think of the Abraham Accord as the platform on which the rest of the house will soon be built. Things are happening fast as end times events are speeding up, so stay awake and stay vigilant. To the fight!

    FROM THE JERUSALEM POST: The signing ceremony of the Abraham Accord between Israel and the UAE will take place on September 15 in Washington, the White House confirmed on Tuesday. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will represent Israel, the Foreign Affairs Minister and the crown prince’s brother, Abdullah bin Zayed will represent the UAE.

    Netanyahu said he is “proud to be going to Washington next week at US President Donald Trump’s invitation, to participate in the historic ceremony in the White House, celebrating establishing a peace treaty between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.”

    There is a war that is looming against Israel and from that war give a chance for Mr. Fix it to bring about peace…FALSE PEACE! This most likely is because of the mess the world will be after this war !!💣

    These recent headlines below says it all!!….

    📌Nasrallah suggests Israel behind Beirut blast, calls for retaliation!
    📌Looming Middle East Arms Race Sparks Fear of Unprecedented Regional War!
    📌Iran, Hamas and Islamic Jihad call for 'uprising' after UAE-Israel deal!
    📌For Iran, Its Wars With America And Israel Are All That Matter!
    📌Hamas promised Israel ‘unprecedented military and geographic losses’!
    📌Former Israeli counter-terror chief warns of risk of new all-out war with Hezbollah!
    📌Hamas-Hezbollah talks and Iran-Turkey cooperation come at a crucial time!

    This war probably is the critical event that brings the Antichrist to power!!

    This plan could very well be made greater as the forerunner to DANIEL 9:27 (The false peace covernant) after the rapture!!

    When you Google "Peace and Security" the United Nations always pops up in numerous different categories!!

    These were the reasons why the United Nations was formed!
    The United Nations was establised in 1945 " to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war" and one of its main purposes was to maintain international…yes you gussed it PEACE AND SECURITY!!! The charter of the United Nations gives the Security Council primary responsibility for the maintenance of international Peace and Security!!

    Its amazing to see the United Nations use the exact same term of the Bible, which was written over 2500 years ago!!
    I can't imagine the United Nations looking into the Bible and saying, " Oh Lets use Peace and Security in our slogan like the Bible says!!"

    When the Antichrist will be revealed he will not require to set the stage for the New World Order…it will already be ready like its right now!!!All he will have to do is just flip the switch on…TO A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT…A ONE WORLD CURRENCY!!

    As this dispensation of the church age (The Age Of Grace) draws to an end, it’s time for us to take our stand as  Children of the Light(1 Thessalonians) and tell a lost and dying world that it’s time to repent, believe the Gospel, and be converted to a new life in Jesus Christ today! Explain to them with simplicity (Not Religion) the gospel of our salvation (1 Corinthians 15:1-4, Romans 10:9-10)!

    My dear brothers and sisters in Christ my article on the The Sound Doctrine Of The Pre-Tribulation Rapture from my website was published by sister Jan Markel on her website Olive tree ministries:

    We are on the cusp of the Rapture!!

    God bless you
    Watchman in the wilderness🙏


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