Does God care if you vote? Does your vote even matter? And just what does this have to do with End Times prophecy anyway? In our November 2022 Prophecy Update, we look at our privilege to vote through the lens of Scripture and see how who and what we vote for factors into what 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12 says about the last days and how Jesus, in Luke 19:12-27, tells us we should live in light of this.


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00:00 – Teaching Intro
02:56 – 2 Thessalonians 2:1-10
44:27 – I: Apostasy
50:37 -II: Deception
01:14:40 – Pray! Trust! Vote!




  1. Tis funny you used Bill Graham to drive home how one should take what is given and invest it and not sit on it. Graham had $25,000,000 sitting in a bank thinking he would live forever or take it with him. I recall a passage saying "its easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter paradise". Kinda sure that 25mill. in a bank qualifies as being filthy rich. And you Athey Creak should know this verse and you should know better who you use as examples to make a point. It just means you are overlooking the obvious. what else do you overlook? plenty, like scripture text Proverbs 2:21-22.

  2. I know the Lord is in control. I have never believed in this climate shananigan . The BIBLE does say the sea will reclaim, what BELONGS TO THE SEA and the dry land will reclaim what BELONGS TO IT. NO man will EVER be SMARTER THAN OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN ! THERE IS NO ONE ABOVE OUR LORD ! I WILL LIFT HIS WORD ABOVE ANY MANS. That includes WOMAN. GOD , BLESS US ALL IN JESUS NAME ,I PRAY ! AMEN

  3. I know Bret can’t specify it but you will not see any person that supports the Democrats and what they stand for in Heaven. You can’t say you hate what the Lord loves and say you know and love the Lord.

  4. Every Word in the Bible is meant to be written to reveal the plan of God. Lord-800+Jesus-888+Christ-1408=3168 Numeral Value 3168 📖☝️😎 Very encouraging Pastor Brett! Once the Rapture take place, all hell take loose on the World. Get right or get left behind. ✝️🛐❤

  5. Sorry bro, but I never ever saw a Christian pastor so fat,
    that he has to sit during his entire sermon!
    You do know that obesity is highly demonic brother!
    How can someone take a pastor like this serious when he has ZERO self control?
    Spencer Smith is right….American pastors are in fact eating themselves to death!
    May God have mercy and give you the power to say NO to the next donut….

  6. Doesn't everyone that's getting the blessings of the Son of the one and only God. ( They're not going to make sure of all the gifts already awaiting his flock home! It's going to be a glorious sight to witness! Even more loving and caring caring for each one of us than ever imagined in many lifetimes! This is it folks! Stand true to your faith in our Christ….Jesus! ……..Bless Athey Creek and all it's
    wisdom in the truth ! Love Wins!!!

  7. I don’t believe you think the way it sounds… like there are many who decide not wait, or be obedient, for the rapture. Surely people do not live for the rapture!?!! Or, live for heaven!?!! Philippians 1:21 For me, to live is Christ, to die is gain. How can thinking it is okay to miss the rapture, when anyone may die in the next few minutes, weeks, etc. Nothing replaces not being right with God before dying. Death has no gain if not walking in the ways of Christ.


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