Originally Aired on July 24, 2014
Link: http://www.canarycryradio.com/2014/07/24/prophecy-update-with-john-haller/

THE MIDDLE EAST is going crazy and all the media bias is extremely apparent. Yet there is no shortage of speculations on how this might relate to Biblical Prophecy within the community of those who are paying attention. And still, the majority of the Evangelical community are ignorant of the issue, and worse, denounce those who pay attention to the sign of the times. In this episode, Basil and Gonz have a discussion with pastor and lawyer John Haller, the man behind the Prophecy Update on YouTube. They discuss John’s experience of seeing a lack of discernment within church leadership which eventually led him to abandon 15 years of involvement with them as well as 25 years of involvement on the evangelical college and seminary board. John Haller is a graduate of Grace College with a degree in Sociology, Indiana State with a Masters in criminology, and a degree in law from Indiana State’s school of law. He’s currently the co-pastor at Fellowship Bible Chapel (FB Chapel) out in Ohio. He’s been an elder for 15 years at a large church, as well as on the board of Evangelical College and Seminary for 25 years. John is also a practicing lawyer with extensive experience in representing individuals and business clients in complex commercial and business litigation matters involving restrictive covenant and theft of trade secrets, breach of contract claims, securities, finance, lender liability, professional liability and product liability. You can see his weekly Prophecy Updates on YouTube on the FB chapel page.


-Fellowship Bible Chapel: http://fbchapel.com/

-Prophecy Update with John Haller on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/KoinoniaAB



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  1. N.T. Wright is not a dominion (kingdom now) theologian at all, he is certainly not a theonomy advocate. Her is an excerpt from his sermon:
    "And that is why, in the Acts of the Apostles, the point of the coming of the Spirit, which we shall celebrate next week, isn’t that the Spirit will comfort us in our loss of Jesus and take us to be with him. The point is that the Spirit is given so that through the work of the church the kingdom may indeed come on earth as in heaven. That is why Acts is what it is. And in case you think that might lead us into some kind of triumphalism, with the church striding through the world imposing a theocracy on it – lots of people today do indeed think that’s what it would look like to have the Christian faith impinge at all on public life, and tell scare stories about the wickedness of theocracies in order to bolster their own secular vision – in case you imagine that God’s kingdom will be forced on an unwilling world by an all-powerful church, Acts makes it quite clear that the method of the kingdom will match the message of the kingdom. The kingdom will come as the church, energized by the Spirit, goes out into the world vulnerable, suffering, praising, praying, misunderstood, misjudged, vindicated, celebrating: always – as Paul puts it in one of his letters – bearing about in the body the dying of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be manifest."


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