Prophetic Dream About Donald Trump’s Race For The White House

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  1. 🤣🤣Girl you’re gonna look like a damn fool when Trump loses the elections and goes straight to jail after ! My advice to you ; don’t mix politics and religion ! This video is come back to bite you in the ass !

  2. How does God bless a racism, bigotry, hate, abuser of women, liar etc… not biblical, Trump stole the election. Prophecy should line up with the word of God. Touch not the unclean thing, come ye out from among them and be separate. We are in this world and not of this world. The governments were established by God, not the people in office. Free will gives us the ability to do who we please and vote for whom we want, Trump has no fruit of the spirit.
    And to what you said, God only used those great men in the Bible after they turned to God and repented.

  3. Amen, wonderful prophetic dream from the Lord Almighty. Honestly, Donald Trump and all human kind has made mistakes no one is perfect only Jesus Christ the son of the living God. So true, God going choose who He wants to get His will done in this earthly realm. God really want us to have compassion for our fellow brethren and pray. As believers we do not have time to worry about what the next person is saying because what God says is the most important. Truly God led me to this video it’s a spiritual/ godly message everyone to hear and practice in their daily walk with God, Jesus Christ. We must keep the faith and focus on what God wants us to do.

  4. Greetings Prophetess Graham
    I thank you for your obedience to the Most High GOD
    I pray that the fullness of the fruits of the spirit continue to manifest in your life for the glory of the Most High GOD
    Furthermore as these fruits start to manifest the 7 spirit s of God Almighty will manifest in your ministry even greater than before.

    Hallelujah he has promised when his word manifest according to Daniel 4 :17
    With regards to the Nov Election
    You will have a multitude of offers from all over the world from Churches to speak and other organizations,
    Nevertheless please discern which one to accept The Most High will be watching!!!!

    Thank you beloved for your faithfulness to the Most High God.

  5. Sister, this is the first video of yours I have ever watched. I watched the whole thing and everything you said resonated with me so much. I love you! You are bold and unshaken; I love it! Your perspective is on point! I released a video recently about a dream God gave me while I was traveling cross country. Some people couldn't handle it. I'm unmoved. God told me when I was a child that I would understand when I grew up why kids could be so cruel. It was preparation for my calling and I love doing work for Jesus in freedom. So good!! Bless you sister.

  6. God bless you WOG!!! You confirmed the same Vision about President Trump being President in 2016and He told me what Scriptures to pray for Him!!! And one was Isaiah 54:17!!!! God bless you continue and keep on using you for The Nations, keep you safe according to Psalm 91).

  7. If a person claims to be a Christian and votes for a Democrat then I dont see them being a real CHRISTIAN because they're for ABORTION and same sex marriage and God clearly isn't because it's sin. So why would I vote against the word of God

  8. Normally, when the numbers favor Biden, it is the media lying about the numbers because they want their candidate to look good, so gullible people will fall for it and vote for Biden. Nobody is perfect and President Trump makes mistakes like all of us, but he is the one to get the job done right, if he continues to pray to The Most High for everything, The Most High will help him. Stay humble and prayed up sis, and The Most High will honor you always. peace

  9. See, many are out there saying this and that from "God." Most are foolish assumptions. I understand obedience and not talking until He says speak. You are a bondservant. I recognize that.


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