1. I think you represent Vice. President Kamala Harris. I understand every aspect of the dream when compared to other dreams/ visions and factual situation on ground. Can't explain it now, maybe later.

  2. God sent me a spiritual dream right before the last presidential election. Biden was President and Russia started a war with a country near it and Biden was throwing a fit about that invasion. That was followed by Russia, China and others invading the United States. Notice: it's almost that time.

  3. @ 10:02 I think you represented Biden's current Press Secretary, Jean Pierre. She might be telling lies on his behalf daily, but he might not really like her as she was probably only hired like Kamala and the black WOMAN supreme court judge was appointed…to fill some race or gender or sexual orientation quota so that the Democrats can keep boasting that they are the WOKEST, most inclusive (political terrorist) party 😂😂😂

  4. Seems your presence was to be able to get him the message before his death but rather sneered back by actions.

    It's a prophecy of his death.
    I've got and seen other dreams of the kind from other humble servants

  5. Thank you sister I ❤️over
    BLACK women from Africa
    I'm a white man Married to a
    Beautiful BLACK Lady for 40 Years Now I also Love women of Prayer & Faith pray that God will Bring President Trump Back to the White House America Needs him Now Thank You.

  6. Maybe the fake actor portraying Biden is taken away. The movie set gives it away that he was just an actor. Rumors are that he’s not the real Joe Biden. So that is why your dream makes sense to me.

  7. Are all Republicans and Democrats Christians? NO, but majority of them used the Christian or evangelical believes for political gains or to make it seems as though one party is better than the others. We are all sinners and fall short of the Glory of God. Thank u Sis for sharing ur dream. I'm not a dream interpretor but my sense tells me that God is exposing the wickiness in government, on this land and around the world. We need to pray for our leaders no matter what political isle one is on.

  8. The flurry bag has to do with all the people that voted for Biden, liberals, not wanting Trump. The black market has to do with China. It was the third jet and you rubbing his feet, really when push come to shove he is a miserable man, the church reached out to him. He does not want deliverance. He does not really care for the people. Those in high positions knows we are living in perilous times and the Titanic going down.

  9. I had a strange political dream, too, a few months ago, and I don't usually remember my dreams in full detail.

    I am a female, and I was standing in the Oval Office with Trump and five other men. They were all dressed alike in dark suits with red ties, and all wearing sunglasses. Trump was obviously the dominant leader. He motioned for them to follow him outside through French doors.

    I asked Trump if I could come along. He said he didn't recommend it, but I could do what I wanted. So I followed them. As we walked down the street, there was a small barrage of gunfire, and we all ducked into a doorway. Then we continued on, and came to a large field. Further in the distance was a big forest of trees, and behind (above) those trees I could see bombs bursting in the air.

    Trump and the five men headed to the battlefield, and I stayed behind. I looked around and saw a military jeep. Siitting on the hood of the jeep was Charles Latibeaudiere from TMZ, trying to fix some part of the vehicle.

    Suddenly, a tank emerged from the forest, heading toward me. I panicked and yelled to Charles, asking what I should do. He said, "Blow it up." There was something in my hand, and I looked and saw it was a TV remote control. I said to Charles, "All I have is this TV remote!" He said, calmly, "Push the buttons." So I pointed the TV remote at the tank, pushed a button, and the tank blew up.

    That's where the dream ended, and I have no idea what it means.

  10. Your dream is telling me that it's a stage it was all a show, the fake purse the constant delays. This is all a show they're lying to all the people. The truth is people are either manifesting into God right now into obedience through Jesus Christ or they're going to be part of the world believe in the lies, this is all a stage show full of lies

  11. Thàt sounds somewhat like my visions about what is going on in our Country, I have a page with many visions about our Govt. Biden and the Dems. will go out and Trump will come back. There will be a Red Wave this Fall. 9/22 I see.I have had many visions of The Great Cleansing. Ty 🌟

  12. My opinion of your dream….Theatre meaning his presidency was all a show. The attack came from another country maybe China or Russia. Intelligence new this was going to happen. Joe Biden willing gave up presidency because it was part of the plan.

  13. Isn’t it clear? It’s obvious to me… you are a spiritual councillor (Biden has spiritual councillors assigned to him) and he did not want to hear the message of God. Your massaging his feet because your trying to help him with his spiritual walk. The plane is representative of spiritual movement, a plane also can carry many people. He is the leader of this ministry (the plane) which bares the name of the nation. It’s a ministry. This dream and plane was about his departure from this earth. As Elijah’s mantle fell off as he went to Heaven. He took off his mantle as president before his departure. The attack is the enemy who has an assignment to take him out.. very sad…. The secret service are the angels who protect Biden. We are to pray for his life that He accepts God no matter what happens.

  14. I sense from your dream that there will be intrigues in the Democratic Party that will lead to Biden being removed before the end of his term because of his decreasing popularity and realization by the Democratic that he can not survive to the end of his term because of his pool numbers. Secondly it shows that Biden is under the control of some powerful parole who really are the powers behind the Presidency. They basically want to excite him from the Democratic Party and take the Presidency from him because he is basic finished. He had help the party to gain the presidency and they do not have a need for him any more. He is not being taken out of the United State but back home to Delaware.

    That is what I am hearing in my spirit as I mull over this.

  15. This is a reflection dream. At first you are viewing someone who has fallen from grace. Second you went to a place where you see a perspective of yourself. Third you are returned to view the someone you admired has been denied redemption. Also a dream may be just a dream.

  16. I had a dream in 2020 a few months after pandemic started of China taking over.i remember their tanks and handing our uniforms to dress the children in.i remember the Chinese army marching alongside the tank slowly going through the streets.i remember being scared and trying to hide.

  17. Lately I've been noticing a number of fake prophets and prophetesses talking about the US being invaded. What strikes me is that you all say the same things!! Now, after seeing three of such BS I am positive that this is part of anti Russia anti China propaganda camping. Keep having the fake dreams

  18. Joe and the people near him do not actually serve US interests.
    He does not make decisions, he just plays the part.
    This administration is full of brainwashed people and corrupt humans.
    He has pretty much handed over his title and his honor.
    Our media has done the same.
    I don't understand the numbers.
    However the purse seems to represent some sort of large scale deception and will have financial implications.


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